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Done For You Infusionsoft Campaign

Programming/3rd Party Integration
2 days estimated (2 days guaranteed) >
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Is Infusionsoft Stressing You Out?

Do you need a campaign created fast?

No worries, Let me help you create your campaign!

Hi, I'm Chris Ternate,

This is me when I hear infusionsoft 😍.. Anyway...

I just watched the One Funnel Away 3rd Module and decided to offer my services for a discounted price to help my fellow funnel builders focus on other things that brings them joy. At the same time, working on campaigns in infusionsoft bring me joy. Win-win right?

So... If you are currently using Infusionsoft and don’t really enjoy doing the tech stuff.. I’m here.  


STOP! Trying to figure it out, you're wasting your time.

Do what matters most...

...the one that would move the needle faster. 


Besides, That’s what I am here for.

I have been using infusionsoft for 8 years (started as a beta user - legacy baby! woot)

I love this software and I’ve been using it for so long it became my second nature. 

So here's the deal, I am offering a done-for-you Infusionsoft Campaign for $97 (highly discounted price for a done-for-you service) until my schedule fills up. Once my schedule is filled, I will shut down the offer and continuously grow my team so I can serve current clients better.

I believe that if I serve you well, this won't be our first and last Rolodex deal.

Here's what this offer includes:

  • Setup your webform in Infusionsoft
  • Connect your webform to your funnel page
  • Setup your email followup with delay timer (7 emails max)
  • Create Campaign Specific Tags
  • Run it & Test it


This offer does NOT include:

  • Copy creation
  • Banner or image creation 

If you need help with copy / images this offer is not for you. This is a Tech Only Service Offer.

How this works:

  1. Click the button and hire me 😀
  2. Send me the Instructions, Assets & Access
  3. I execute it really fast & Test it
  4. I will notify you as soon as it is ready
  5. We high-five and I get an awesome review

What You Will Walk Away With:

  1. A Campaign Map for Project Reference - with Delivery Due Dates
  2. A lock and loaded campaign in your Infusionsoft Ready for Traffic
  3. Easily duplicatable campaign you can use in the future

Sounds Good? Hit the button that says Buy Now

Got Questions? Below are 2 options

Option 1: Click the message button and ask me questions

Option 2: Schedule a FREE 30 min call - ask me questions, see if we are a good fit.

Here is my calendar link - https://marketingtechteam.clickfunnels.com/jumpstart-call86ry2yoz

When we decide to move forward after our conversation, just come back to this offer and Hit the Buy Now Button.

Curious to see some Infusionsoft Campaigns I created / manage?



Q) Why so cheap?

A) Simple, the marketplace has just rolled out and I want to become 1 of the main service providers of this market place, so if I can connect with more business owners like yourself I'll be able to get more reviews and so on it goes.


Q) What is the timeframe for the delivery?

A) A simple campaign is typically 1-2 hours. The timer starts as soon as I get all the assets, access and instructions needed. If it will take me more than 2 hours to build, I will inform you on an expected timeline.

Q) How long have you been using Infusionsoft?

A) I have been using Infusionsoft since 2012 and have build hundreds of campaign ever since.

Q) I need help in Infusionsoft but it's not included in this offer.

A) Message me and can come up with a custom plan.


Q) Do you work with other CRM platforms besides Infusionsoft?

A) Infusionsoft is my go to CRM... but Yes, clients come in with different CRM already set up - Active Campaign, Get Response, etc.


Q) 3 Top things I want accomplished in this mini project

A) 1. You are happy with my work. 2. I get an awesome review 3. We get to keep working together here in Rolodex.


Q) Why would I need help with Infusionsoft?

A) There are SO many things you could do to grow your business. Soooo many things that you could be doing with your time. If $97 would save you time and stress from creating infusionsoft campaigns and hooking it up with clickfunnels... then it is a win-win-win situation. Win for you, Win for me, Win for our businesses.


Q) Do you have a refund policy?

A) If you think we are a good fit, I will send you 100% of your money back. If I do not deliver on the time, I will send your money back. If you are not happy with my work... I will send you your money back.

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