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HIT 5 Figures Per Month In 90 Days - Strategy and High Ticket Platform Build - Sales Funnel Expert

Funnel Strategy/Funnel Audibles
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11 days on average
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HIT 5 Figures Per Month In 90 Days - Strategy and High Ticket Platform Build - Sales Funnel Expert 

*By Application Only. Please email us prior to purchase.

Hi, I'm James Hughes

I'm the founder of Sales Funnel Expert.

'Our No #1 Advisor on Funnel Rolodex' - Dave Woodward, ClickFunnels.

This service was created as result of our Funnel Rolodex customers requesting longer and additional guidance from us.

It's for people from intermediate to advanced stage. Particularly if they need a mentor to advise and help them get where they need to be with their sales funnel system, marketing and organisation of their online business.

We are here at hand for a 1 month period to support you through this.

We work through a 3 step process, one which I've helped clients from 23 Mill p/a companies to solopreneurs.

Here's the consulting process that we will take you through:

Step #1 System Foundation

Your sales funnel system consists simply of two parts. Strategy and build.

1. Strategy

Forming the marketing message for your audience and prospects.

Competition Research.

Offer Research - forming your Philosophy.

Offer Anatomy - refining the detail of what will be offered.

Sales funnel steps.

A map and automation flow of sales funnel system.

Perfecting the system foundation and removing complexity.

Relentless audience growth plan to reach 1 million views per month.

Funnel Analysis: Analysis of all the key numbers broken-down by Monthly & Yearly totals — Revenue, Profit, Traffic Volume & Traffic Costs, Leads, as well as key metrics such as EPC, LTV, CPA, CPL, CPC and more. 

Profit Goal Analysis: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly breakdown for what sales you will need per day (by each Product), as well how many leads, revenue, and traffic visitors you will need. We will also figure out your related expenses and traffic costs to achieve your Profit Goal.

Traffic Reinvestment Analysis: see how your business might scale when you reinvest your profit to buy more traffic.

Scenario Comparison Analysis: see how your revenue and profit numbers would change, if you changed the pricing or modify a traffic source.

2. Build

Consulting through the build process of your funnel to ensure that it will work.


In this first step the goal isn’t to maximize your profits. It’s simply to get a foundation and system in place that can be built upon as you increase your results and have more cash flow to reinvest back into your marketing campaigns. This first step won’t get you maximum results, it’s simply a solid stepping stone for the next step.

Step #2: The Optimisation Step (Consultancy)

This stage is when we maximize the potential of your marketing funnel. It does not mean your funnel will be perfect. That comes next. In this stage, you’ll simply be implementing all various pieces that make up the potential for the perfect funnel.

* Segmentation – In this stage we’ll begin segmenting each piece of your funnel. We’ll think of how we can segment based on behaviors your audience is taking, interests, etc.

* Filling In Your Product Suite – In this stage we’ll fill in any gaps in your suite of products or services. You’ll want something low-end to give people an easy way to get to know you, something mid and high-end to capture those buyers, and continuity.

* Metrics – You need to know your metrics in this stage, because you’ll be scaling your business in the next stage. At the very minimum, we should know your cost per lead (per channel), cost per customer (per channel), lifetime customer value, and value per visitor.

Step #3: The Perfection Step (Consultancy)

At this point your main marketing funnel is already created and we've moved onto the final step. It “typically” begins around the 7-figure mark. It’s the testing and perfecting stage, and it never ends.

* Testing – In most cases you’ll want to introduce split-testing, so you can maximize each individual step of your marketing funnel.

* Scalability – Next you’ll want to make sure your funnel is scalable. In most cases, that means being able to buy paid traffic. Paid traffic is the Holy Grail because once you can spend $1 and make $2, the game is over. If you can spend more than your competitors to acquire a new customer, you win every single time.

* New Verticals – IF the existing market you’re in is beginning to get tapped out, you can start thinking of replicating your processes and moving into new verticals.

What you get:

Access To Our Guidance for 3 months

12 month marketing strategy and plan.

Personal support

Results driven consulting

Video tutoring and explanation

Reassurance that you are on the right path

High Ticket Platform Sales Funnel Build

Custom Codes + Scripts For ANY Functionality

Images and Your Copy For Up To 5 Pages

Ad Creative

Paid Traffic Funnel (remarketing, cart abandon)

Custom Mobile Responsive Design

Email Marketing System 

Connect Email Marketing Lists + Segments

**There's no guarantee of results. We can't get results for you as the business owner. We can only carry out the right activity to help you get results.

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<p>We are a consulting agency who help people create relentless demand for their brand, products and services. </p>

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