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DONE FOR YOU Facebook Video Ads Campaign

7 days estimated (7 days guaranteed) >
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➡️ Do you think your small, local business doesn't need (or would waste money) on Facebook ads?

➡️Are you still boosting posts randomly and getting 0.0 sales?

➡️ Are you unsure about audiences?

➡️ Do you need help understanding why your campaigns aren't coverting?


🕑Don't have the time?

😫Don't want to figure it out how to do it yourself?

👉Let me do it for you!

Hey it me! 😎😜

👉Facebook ads are AMAZING! (If you know how to use them!)

Our Monthly Facebook Ads Management Program includes

⭐ Current Ad diagnosis

⭐Audience creation and diagnosis


⭐ Ad Creation

⭐ Ad Testing

⭐ Ad Improvment

We'll take care of everything!

High-Quality Designs: Improve your conversion rate

Stress-Free: Easy to work with

No Contracts: You invest in your ads without any long-term contracts

👉 We have 5 years experience in direct digital marketing bringing in leads to small businesses around the country (with a big emphasis on fitness and financial). 💪🤑

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Seattle Video Marketing
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<p>Hey 👋 I'm Timmy</p><p><br></p><p>I specialize in 🔥 disruptive🔥 Facebook video advertising for fitness, health, and wellness business, but always interested in trying new things.</p><p><br></p><p>😎Expertise includes: Facebook Ads, Video prodduction, Ad Copy, Video Scripts, Landing Page design, GIF creation, YouTube Ads, and much, much more!</p>

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