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The Headlines - Cold, Warm & Hot Traffic

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Crafting the Right Headline for the right audience will take a load of stress off your shoulders and you'll be able to bring your funnel pages to life. The wrong one... well you know the story, your results will be.. ugh, subpar to say the least.

In order to capture your audience, the words you use in your Headline, right out of the gate, will bring your audience into the framework of your story.

Here's the rundown...

  • Cold Audience = the audience is not aware of you, the solution or even the benefits... they are only aware they have a PROBLEM.
  • Warm Audience = the audience is already aware of the problem and is actively seeking a solution (but is not aware of you or your product/service yet).
  • Hot Audience aka Best Ever = is already aware of you and/or the product, service, etc. you are selling.

Jay Abraham in his book-

"The Mr. X Book" shares this:

"Cutting Your Cost Per Sale"

"Analyze your ads- what they say, how they say it, in the headline, whether they present your USP, the offer, the action you direct the customer to take, the costs and the resulting sales. After your analysis tells you the basic offer, headline and copy work best, try to improve upon them.... approach and begin testing versions

(starting with headlines)

against each other. One headline saying the same thing in a different way can outpull another headline on the same body copy by as much as 17 1/2 times. That's one of the quickest ways to leverage your marketing. Merely replacing one headline with a better one can instantly increase responses by several times...."

The Solution:  
Our agency is offering: 25+ pages for you to select which headline/s works Best for you in your funnel pages (especially in split testing), Facebook Ads, Instagram, youtube video ideas, blogging and more! 

Yes, we know this is a lot of headlines to select from, we want to accelerate you as fast as possible to conversions of numbers.

➳➳ Headlines... customized for your audience. 

Saving you time, energy, and stress of doing this all on your own.

FREE Bonus: 

Sales Copy Bullets, use these for Ads, Sparking Curiosity in Blog postings, Video Headlines & more. 

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