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Funnel Integrations - Service Audit and Set up (SMTP, email, DNS)

14 days estimated (14 days guaranteed) >
14 days on average
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Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

  • I'm not a techie type person. I don't understand all the terms: SMTP, API, subdomains, autoresponders... never-mind how to connect them all together! 😫
  • The help files look great, but it sounds like they are speaking a foreign language. I see the blanks to enter settings, but I don't know what to put in. 😵
  • I've tried, but I don't understand the errors when it doesn't work. 😢

Let me help!

  • Together we will find out what services you already have - websites, domain names, email, payment gateways and more.
  • Next we will figure out if you have any gaps or overlap - you may find services you can cancel and save more than the cost of the audit!
  • Finally, I will make sure that all the services are setup to work together.

What others are saying:

"I asked for Ann's help when I was trying to build my first sales funnel. I had been struggling to connect my email to ClickFunnels. When I say struggling, I am talking about 12 hours. I felt like I was being drowned in technobabble. I had been in tears of sheer frustration and ready to give up on it all. 

Within an hour and a half on Zoom, not only was I up and running, Ann had given me a simple and clear understanding of what the technobabble meant and how it all fit together. Suddenly it all made sense and didn't feel overwhelming any more.

Ann was so kind and patient with me (even though I was very stressed and confused)! She made me feel guided through the process."- Leah L. UK

What I will do:

  1. Explain how your services fit together.
  2. Recommend services that could be dropped and services needed
  3. Set up each service to connect to ClickFunnels. You will also receive a video of each setting in case you need to make changes later.

What I will need from you:

  1. Up to 90 minutes of your time on a ZOOM call to go over your services and what you want to do with your funnel/business.
  2. Access to ClickFunnels and the services that will need to be connected. I treat this information as securely as I would expect my information to be kept. They are not shared with anyone.
  3. A second call to verify the settings.
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5 months ago
Wonderfull Service
Thumb goofy2small
over 1 year ago
Remember, it's WHO, not HOW - and Ann is the WHO for my funnel tech. She is thorough and organized and has been above and beyond helpful. She translates tech to plain English for me and patiently explains things (often more than once) so I can make informed decisions. I SO highly recommend you make her your WHO too.
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Online About 1 month ago



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<p>Helping people with the "tech" of ClickFunnels - connecting SMTP, professional email, and other outside services since the first One Funnel Away challenge. I'll help you figure out what services you have, what you need and how to connect them all together. </p>

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