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Work with James Hughes - Personal Consulting & Lifetime Access To Sales Funnel Expert Support

Funnel Strategy/Funnel Audibles
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Limited Time Offer: Lifetime Access To Online Business Accelerator

Hi, I'm James Hughes

Let me ask you some quick questions...

Are you sick of drinking from a fire hose?

Do you feel like you are constantly trying to knit a woollen sweater with boxing gloves on?

Do most days seem like you are drowning in your own confusion?

We'll help you...

Eliminate Confusion - Regain Clarity - Get Results

Stop going around in circles and start heading forward on one successful path

"This Program Changed My Life!"

See What Others Are Saying About Us

This program was created as a result of my Funnel Rolodex clients requesting longer and additional guidance from me.

It's for people from beginners to the advanced stage. Particularly if they need a mentor to advise and help them get where they need to be with their sales funnel system, marketing and organisation of their online business.

The Online Business Accelerator is an exclusive membership and support community for people who want to:

  • take their business online
  • create a 6 figures business on their own terms
  • take their business to the next level 
  • ​ethically market their business
  • ​create relentless demand for their own expert brand
  • ​get ongoing expert feedback and support

We Provide An Environment For Growth - So You Can Get Clarity, Reset and Start Succeeding!"

Proven Process

We take you through a 'step-by-step' process that helps you make sales quickly and create cash flow. Your business will start profitable and continue to be during this process.

Reset and Reprogram For High Performance

Reset mentally and channel your efforts consistently into a process that will get you results.

Expert Mentorship & Community

The training might be high level but there will always be questions. Get 24/7 access to our expert team. Gain momentum from within our active community of laser-focused entrepreneurs and have fun in the process.

Everything You Need To Succeed...

We don't provide you with degrees and paper certificates. We provide you with real-life business results. Customers, profit, self-improvement, success and more time freedom.

What you get:

  1. 90 Days Personal Consulting from James Hughes
  2. An exclusive support community to openly ask questions.
  3. Monthly 1:1 optimization clinics with our expert team to help support your progress with Clickfunnels 1.0 & 2.0
  4. Monthly Group Q&A sessions
  5. Results-driven consulting.
  6. Video tutoring and explanation.
  7. Reassurance that you are on the right path.

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over 1 year ago
James and his team were great to work with, very professional, detailed and executed all that was discussed. The one on one consultations were extremely helpful, informative and motivating. I learned a lot during the process, James and his team were always available to discuss any questions. I am grateful to be working with a great team! James, thank you for all you have done for my business.
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almost 2 years ago
Hello, my name is David. I'm here to give this review in regards to James Hughes and the Sales Funnel Expert team, and the amazing work they've done for me in launching my e-commerce business over the last few months. They've completely changed my life as an entrepreneur with their help. And I just wanted to give a little bit of info as to what they've done. But for me, a couple of years ago, I made the decision to start my first e-commerce business after being stuck in the nine to five grind for over 10 years, I wanted to launch a business from my laptop and basically work from anywhere in the world that I wanted. The last couple of years were extremely tough. I underestimated how hard they would be. I plunged thousands of pounds into awful training programs, terrible software, all sorts of shiny objects that got me nowhere. I basically put everything I had into it to try and get somewhere. And it, it got nowhere after a couple of years, I came across funnels and how they operated probably about seven or eight months ago. And I really threw myself into learning more about them and trying to implement them into my e-commerce business. I did the one funnel away challenge with click funnels twice but coming out the back of it, I came out with more stress and anxiety and worries than when I went into it. Essentially I was getting to a breaking point of quitting altogether because I just, I wasn't getting anywhere after a couple of years, that will change. When I came across James Hughes and the Sales Funnel Expert team who gave me the confidence to launch my business. They helped me with things such as email marketing, helped me create a content plan with my video sales as a script and ad copy with my funnel itself. James gave me the confidence to go ahead and run with my ideas and just having someone there to bounce ideas off I'd never had in what was a very lonely journey, over the last couple of years of trying to do it on my own. So James really gave me the confidence to launch it. After a couple of months, the business was finally launched after a couple of years of trying, and it's doing incredibly well and it won't be long until I'm completely free from working the nine to five grind, being able to work from my laptop anywhere. And frankly, I wouldn't be able to do that without James and his team's help. I wish that I'd found them a couple of years ago. It saved me thousands of thousands of hours of time, not to mention a small fortune, in money as well. Above all else, just the worry and all the question marks that you give yourself as an entrepreneur trying to make this happen. all of that was put to bed very quickly. So yeah, they've been absolutely fantastic. Can't speak highly of James. He's been, he's been amazing for me. An amazing mentor to help me launch my business and I'll continue working with him and the Sales Funnel Expert team in the future. So, yeah. Good luck with your journey. Cheers.
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almost 2 years ago
James is your Huckleberry for moving your business to the next level or starting it from scratch. James' team was there at every turn and was a wonderful experience. How good is he? I will be going back to get his coaching for the next level in my business.
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almost 2 years ago
Default avatar
almost 2 years ago
I'm so grateful for the opportunity and experience of working with James Hughes. I'm extremely pleased not only with the finished product but more importantly the one on one relationship built thru out the process. James is an expert in his profession. He is the professional extremely organized and talented. He was great to work with giving me his undivided attention. If you are looking for a consultant that's easy going and committed then James is the best choice. I was led to him because of others reviews. I hope you will be led to him because of mine.
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about 2 years ago
Great to work with!
Thumb leah in blue with chair
about 2 years ago
James and his team are wonderful! Really enjoyed working on this project and will be using for future ones.
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about 2 years ago
James is so easy to work with! I was extremely reluctant to spend this much money on something that I didn't seem to know enough about, but at the same time, I did not have time to watch hours and hours of videos to teach myself how to do this. Even if I had the time and the mental bandwidth to devote to this project there is NO WAY that I could have figured all this out. The first time I hired James it was for a short consult. This gave me the opportunity to see if I wanted to work with him, if he knew what he was doing, and if he could work with me and with my personality. We immediately hit it off and I hired him for this much larger project. He walked me through the steps as he completed them, and when he needed something from he his instructions were clear and concise. If you are on the fence, HIRE HIM. I do not regret the spend. My funnel is up and working and I look forward to seeing where it takes me, my book, and my speaking gigs in the future. As the CEO of a busy medical practice, I rarely take the time to write reviews, much less long ones, but I felt compelled to share my experience. Now - go hire this guy and get on with your future....
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about 2 years ago
He provides so much value and deeply cares about the success of his clients. Make sure you understand that being coachable and taking action is how you'll get the most value out of this gig. I highly recommend it.
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over 2 years ago
James is the real deal, a genuine and very friendly guy who is a pleasure to work with. Once you speak with James, you will quickly notice his passion for this business. I very much appreciate Jame's responsiveness and patience as he helps guide me through the world of funnels and getting traffic. If you need help with Clickfunnels in any capacity, James is your guy!
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almost 2 years ago
James Hughes is a great coach. My experience was almost zero and James and his team were there for me at every turn. James is the go-to for getting your business to the next level and he is going to help me get to the next level after that. What a wonderful experience James and his team will provide. Thank you, James.
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