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Paid Spokespeople to read your client testimonials

10 days estimated (10 days guaranteed) >
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-Imagine your best moments with your best clients and how much value you provided to them.

-Imagine all your happy clients who would definitely use you again if they needed your service

-Imagine if every positive thing every client of yours has ever said about you was captured on video and your to use on Facebook, Youtube, and Autoresponder email campaigns

-Imagine if you could get your first 100 google reviews by the end of the week?

This is the service that we provide. Often times, we as business people don't remember or are too shy to ask, or our clients are too camera shy or busy and don't follow through, and we don't get the positive testimonials we need to grow our business.

Our company employs unique actors who will act out your client's written testimonials for pennies on the dollar of what a professional acting service would charge.

-Because they are average people, they come across as average people and create huge amounts of credibility.

-Because they are average people, they are cheap!

Our actors can do anything from a simple "Your Business was great and I would definitely use them again" to in depth client testimonials and amateur commercial acting. Our testimonial writers will convey an oral message your client gave to you and put it in written form on the review service of your choice with the 5 star rating your client would give you.


-Getting started is simple. Simply send us your testimonial exactly you would like it to be recited by our actors on camera. We encourage you to send over a video of yourself doing the testimonial so we will understand most precisely exactly how you want our actor to portray your client.

-If you're using our written review service, please provide us the exact testimonial of what was said by your client or, if you are doing multiple reviews (highly recommended) please provide us with as much info as possible about your company and what a satisfied client would experience and we will take it from there. If you are hiring clients for amateur commercial acting, please provide us with a basic rundown of what needs to be performed and we will be in touch to custom tailor the experience for you.


Q- What validation must I have for my testimonials

A- You will never be asked to provide evidence of a testimonial when doing business with us. Our service creates massive rapport, trust and credibility. We operate on the honor system but you will be required to sign a waiver that you will not use our actors to intentionally cheat, scam or defraud the general public or your clients.

Q- Will my actor fit my product demographic?

A- Of course. Our actors are paid to be actors and just as it wouldn't make sense for Wesley Snipes to portray Taylor Swift in a movie based on her life, there are many times it wouldn't make sense for the wrong actor to be giving a testimonial on your product. That being said, we will not honor an unnecessary discriminatory request such as a Realtor demanding all their homebuyer testimonial videos to be acted out by "rich looking Asians and Whites only" for example.

Q- How many actors does your company have?

A- We are constantly adding new people to our team to keep up with demand and make sure no single actor gets involved in too many testimonial videos. Many clients will order 20 or more testimonials for their autoresponder email campaigns and so we must make sure we have always have a full stash of fresh faces on hand. We also have an unlimited number of fresh email accounts we can use for the google reviews.

Q- How long does it take to make my videos?

A- If you are getting a package of 10 videos or more, please allow 10 days for delivery. Smaller orders can come faster and all orders can be rushed in an emergency situation for a fee.


  1. Video testimonial-$100.00 (Who they are and why they loved doing business with you -40 second time limit)
  2. Audio Testimonial-$45.00. (Good to add to slideshows or single image Youtube Videos -Price is per minute)
  3. Written consumer reviews-$20.00 (Any review service or site you would like including Google and Facebook Reviews-Highest star rating.
  4. Amateur commercial acting-Call for a quote (This is a very customized service and can vary in price based on talent required)

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