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ebook cover | secret of ecover that makes you money

Graphic Design/Ecovers
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36 days on average
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eBook cover that convert !

Have you heard the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” ?

If you took the one funnel away challenge you already know that this is complete BS ( the secret of ecovers ) and People DO judge a book by it's cover

Now some people will tell you to get a creative cover … Also BS !

You are an entrepreneur or a business owner you won’t use the cover to participate in an art gallery 

You ebook cover has one job only which is to get the prospect’s attention and encourage him to take action 

Now don’t get me wrong your Book cover SHOULD be beautiful and visually stunning but it should also make people enter their email address ( if it’s a lead magnet )and go down your funnel or enter their payment info ( if it's for sale )

And that type of cover I can create for you - a cover that will increase your conversion rate and make more money  

Now you are probably thinking I want this how can I get it ?


  1. Buy the service so you can receive immediately a message with short form to fill 
  2. Fill the form (it takes less than 1 min ) so I can deliver you a custom cover that matches your offer and your target audience
  3. That’s it , now I will do my part - create it and send it to you within 48h


some examples

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