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Active Campaign Automations And Integrations

Programming/Fix My Funnel
19 days estimated (19 days guaranteed) >
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Want to automate up to 80% of your marketing and put your repetitive and time-consuming tasks on autopilot?

We can help.

We are specialists at setting up ALL automations and integrations with and through Active Campaign,...

Here's an example from one of our personal sales and marketing funnels...

- Someone downloads one of our free lead magnets.
- They get their lead magnet and then go through our short welcome email automation
- Then they get put on our main subscriber list email automated DRIP campaign with 23 emails over 66 days that are sent to them.
- These emails include a ton of free value content to nurture them along.
- Thet also regularly get sales messages in this sequence
- They get free downloads
- Free videos
- Free access to our calendar to set up appointments with us if they have questions or want to talk about investing in one of our services
- Specialized automations for people that click on certain links in our automation emails that will send them specific and targeted sales info at the time they're showing interest
- And more

And all of this is automated...

From beginning to the end of the 66-day DRIP sequence they automatically get all of the above...  Including the lead magnets, videos, sales messages, links to my calendar, etc

And all of these are automated as well.

If someone set up a free appointment with us we're automatically notified, they're automatically put on our calendars, and the calendar blocks that time off for them so no others can get that time.

Our sales process is automated too...

If someone decides to buy on the free phone call with us they go to the link provided, input their info, pay, and automatically begin getting the course content and login info.

We can also set up specialized automations to segment your clients, segment your clients and sent them automatically to other automations if they click certain links in your emails so they get highly targeted sales info at the right time, and more.

To see some of this in depth process so you get an idea of how we can help you do this in your business watch the attached YouTube video.

This includes integrating and automating the following services with Active Campaign:

- Zapier
- Facebook Lead Ads
- ClickFunnels
- Stripe
- Acuity Scheduling
- Schedule Once
- WooCommerce
- MailChimp
- Trello
- And More

If you have Active Campaign and want to automate and integrate up to 80% of your marketing and your repetitive business tasks let us help you.

We can save you an enormous amount of time, frustrating, and money by setting this up for you.

You concentrate on growing your business... We'll concentrate on automating and integrating everything for you from the beginning - free lead magnet for so much of your business runs fast and smoothly on autopilot for you.

The full list of Active Campaign apps and integrations are found here - https://www.activecampaign.com/apps/

If you don't see your App or Integration here let us know... We can also link many more apps and integrations to automate your business and marketing via Zapier.

Here is a list of Zapier to Active Campaign apps and integrations - https://zapier.com/apps/activecampaign/integrations

This package includes fully integrating and automating up to 10 automations and integrations on Active Campaign.

This is the ONLY FEE you pay us for up to 10 automations and integrations on Active Campaign.

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Rivera Marketing was started by us, brothers Jason and Kevin Rivera, as a way to help businesses reach their full potential. You got into business to help people, make money for you and your family, and possibly do something for the community. Not to spend your time marketing. Let us help.

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