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15 Minutes With James Hughes - Funnel Strategy 'Our NO #1 Advisor On Funnel Rolodex, Dave Woodward'

Funnel Strategy/Strategy Call
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15 Minutes With James Hughes - Funnel Strategy

Our NO #1 Advisor On Funnel Rolodex' - Dave Woodward, Clickfunnels 


Hi, I'm James Hughes

Schedule a 15 minute strategy session with me today to get clear on your funnel and marketing. It will give you the best chance of success.

The people I have helped around the world include:


  • $20 Million + per year businesses
  • Agencies and Freelancers
  • Internet Marketers
  • E-commerce
  • ​Coaches and Consultants
  • ​Network Marketers
  • ​Local Small Business
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers


What You Will Walk Away With:

1 x 15 minute Consultation: We get on a quick call so I can get a clearer picture of what it is you EXACTLY want to achieve and I'll be able to provide you with any specific solutions to your marketing challenges.

Here's How The 15 Minute Session Works:

Step #1 - Send me a message after ordering the gig with a short background, your story. What you want to achieve, any roadblocks and questions you may have.

Step #2 - Schedule time in my online calendar so I'm able to steer you in the right direction.

Step #3 - During the scheduling of the call, just answer a few questions about your business and what you are looking to accomplish with your advertising so I can prepare for the session.

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over 2 years ago
I would absolutely recommend James Hughes for anyone who wants to get a clearer vision of their funnel building journey. I received valuable information that was both helpful with my overall strategy and in getting started. Thank you Funnel Roledex... and thank you, James Hughes, for the great call!
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over 2 years ago
Excellent communicator, clearly has the experience to provide quality service and support. I'm looking forward to working with him and would recommend you schedule the introductory call asap. You won't be disappointed.
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over 2 years ago
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over 2 years ago
James is a total genius when it comes to the subject of funnels, thanks to him i now have a clear vision on where to take my brand and sales funnels, traffic and focal points, thanks so much and i will be frequently returning for more strategy sessions
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over 2 years ago
Our clarity calls really help me in my journey. James is extremely knowledgeable and so helpful. He is Awesome!!
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over 2 years ago
Great information. James calls always help me get back on track! He has helped me immensely.
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over 2 years ago
Any business can be taunting and frustrating. The key is to surround yourself with a team of talented individuals to achieve the vision and goals. James is an amazing person that i am blessed to meet and work with. He is someone that everyone needs in their corner to keep moving in the right path of success. It's not "HOW" i need to do it, but "WHO" i can work with and build my team and stop the "9 to 5" insanity. Mychal
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over 2 years ago
Absolutely superb! The advice James provided in our introductory call will be priceless. He is very knowledgable, concise and to the point. I will be going back to James for more ClickFunnel advice and feedback. Very well done!
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over 2 years ago
I am new to funnels and felt lost. Once I consulted with James, he provided a clear blueprint on actionable steps to become proficient at how my funnel should work and perform. I highly recommend him!
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over 2 years ago
James has helped me become very competent in my funnel strategies. No more guesswork!
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