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Ghostwrite High-Quality "Niche Specific" Ebooks or Whitepapers (English Only)

14 days estimated (14 days guaranteed) >
16 days on average
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Attract Buyers & Grow Your Email List with A High Quality & Low-Cost E-books Ghost Writing Service

E-books make for great lead magnets. Once the E-books is created, it will not cost you anything to give away (or sell) your E-book as many times as you would like.

** All while providing value up front and becoming a trusted source **

It is about more than growing your email list though. An E-books helps you achieve two main objectives:

1.      Attracting the right kind of people

2.      Positioning those people to eventually make a purchase

Before you convert a lead into a customer, you have to provide value first. That is exactly what an E-books does.

My E-books are written about a topic related to your niche. Not just any topic... one that will help your readers, provide value, and build trust.

The topics that I choose will address and solve common problems within your chosen niche.

If I cannot find a specific problem to address, I will choose a topic that is not only interesting to your site visitors, it will deliver sufficient value so as to position you as an authority in your niche.

If you have a specific topic in mind, then I am more than happy to write about that as well.

I will also link articles from your site (where applicable) inside the E-books so that when people read it, they end back up on your site reading more informational articles or even a money page.

Whether you intend your E-books to be a product in itself or a Lead Magnet/Opt-in Bribe to market your product or service, it has to strike the right chord. As a freelance writer. I have both the expertise and talent to create E-books of substance.

Try my E-books writing service and enjoy unbridled success with your OFA Challenge.

Custom E-books Writing with Dotcomhunters – How It Works

My E-book writing service offers a comprehensive solution. I will take charge of the process end to end and deliver content written to your exact specifications. Here is how I will work with you to create a product that meets its objective fully:

  • You have the topic or theme in mind, but not a fully evolved E-books plan – no problem! We will assist you develop a structured table of contents, which will form a solid foundation for your E-book.
  • Only after you approve the table of contents, we start the writing and give you interim updates so that you stay in touch with your product.
  • The first draft need not be the final. We offer a round of revisions absolutely free of cost. If you need more, we are always there to improve the product to your satisfaction.

Throughout the E-books writing project, my efforts are aligned to developing an E-books that is both compelling and valuable for the intended readers. I am both professional and fully committed to delivering the best quality product that not just meets but exceeds expectations.

Get E-books Written by An Expert Writer on Any Subject

I am an experienced writing professional backed by years of writing experience, extensive training, and can write at an expert level across a wide variety of subjects. I will write you an authoritative E-book on any subject or topic backed by extensive research. As a professional ghost-writer, the E-books that I deliver are guaranteed to meet your requirement and specifications.

Research is an integral part of any E-book writing project, and I carry out the most thorough and efficient methods for information or data gathering. Owing to this, I am able to deliver larger E-book projects quickly and with only ever the highest of quality. I place a lot of emphasis on quality checking and meticulously proofread each draft so that the completed E-book you receive is ready to use immediately.

If you are looking for a professional E-book writer who can help you to crush it in the OFA Challenge – contact me today and experience working with the best Ghost Writer on Funnel Rolodex today!

Starting at $297 for 3,000 Words - Please See Service Extras for Additional Words

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3 days ago
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about 1 month ago
Absolutely brilliant service and work!! Stephen is a wonderful communicator - quick to respond and quick to get everything started. We discussed the project and what was needed - and then Stephen produced fantastic work that was everything I had wanted. I am SO HAPPY and impressed and highly recommend Stephen for any writing projects needed. I am very excited to work with him again in the future! Thank you Stephen!
Default avatar
about 2 months ago
Unbelievable, positive experience. Truly feel he captured my writing style. My first time with a ghostwriter and I am sold!
Default avatar
3 months ago
I instructed Stephen to ghostwrite an ebook as a lead magnet for a new funnel. The process was simple and although we had to go through a few changes I am very happy with the end product. The only downside it took a fair bit longer than I hoped but like is aid very happy with the overall product.
Default avatar
4 months ago
I've been very pleased with his service thus far. We are still working on some finalization of the ebook. Overall the experience has been great, and I'm excited to see how the final product turns out! As long as this all works out well, I will definitely be using his services in the future as I'm always inclined to work with folks who understand how to put together pieces for my niche.
Thumb stephen de jager profile image
3 months ago
Thanks so much! We are absolutely stoked to have been able to work with you and look forward to delivering outstanding results on future projects.
Default avatar
10 months ago
Medium stephen de jager profile image
Online About 1 hour ago



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