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I will create a Facebook Ads Campaign for you

7 days estimated (7 days guaranteed) >
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Hey! My name's Ross, and I run Facebook Ads for myself and my clients.

I will set up ads within your Facebook account using a proven formula/strategy that's had huge success for myself and others.

For example, I recently started running ads for my client's Shopify store and I took his sales from Zero to $2K in just 7 days...

And now we're closing in on $7K for this month!

Here's what I'll do when you purchase my gig:

1. Research the best audiences for your campaign

2. Create the ad text/copy and assist with finding images/videos if needed

3. Launch the campaign within your Ads Manager

4. Monitor the campaign and optimise it for a week

Here are some of the ad campaigns I'm running for both myself and my clients:

  • Dropshipping
  • Lead gen
  • eBook Sales
  • Course sales

Please message me if you have any questions! :)

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<p>I love creating Shopify product pages that convert!</p>

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