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Video Editing - Sound Enhancement - Voice Over - Transition Effects - Media Clips - Background Music

Video/Animation/Video Editing
3 days estimated (3 days guaranteed) >
2 days on average
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The way to commanding the audience attention is through great visually captivating video.

But all you know how to do is just set up a tripod, place your phone on it and hit record, but after that you're stuck.

I can edit and enhance your video with call to actions, pictures, and text to help establish authority in your video.

What I'm offering you is enhancement to picture quality, this would be the saturation, exposure, brightness,

Clean transitions so your video flow from one subject to the next

Finish video will be no longer than 10 minutes max. If you have a video that will be over 10 minutes long when edits are finished then there will be extra charge. Check out the extra's for prices.


I want the video to be the way you want it.

If the video is not to your expectation, you may request a refund.

For $30.00

You get video editing with cuts, transitions, and picture quality improvement, and increased volume.

You can add on extra's if you need extra things added to it,

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3 months ago
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3 months ago
Other than a small gap in communication due to an accident that left the provider without a car I was very pleased with his service. His turnaround time was fantastic.
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Robert Rochester Jr
Online 12 days ago



1 day

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<p>Creative Rockstar &amp; Digital Wizard at your service.</p><p><br></p><p>Experienced in the magical art of media design, creative design, marketing, sales, ecommerce, advertising and more. My mission is to work with you and help you skyrocket your business, company, organization, endeavor, or FUNNEL to the highest R.O.I. possible.</p><p><br></p><p>So whether you're just getting started online or redoing your brand design, social media, or funnel build...</p><p>Let me use my tools, skills, and know how to help conjure up results for you!!!!</p>

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