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I Will Handle All Of Your Conversion Copywriting Needs. Strategy | Copywriting | Optimization

Copywriting/General Copywriting
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7 days on average
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Sales Funnel Copy That Effortlessly Converts Strangers Into Your Favorite Customers…

(While Repelling The Complainers And Refund Bandits)

Hello! I'm La'Don, 12 Year U.S. Air Force Vet turned Conversion Copywriter (and fellow Funnelhacker) coming to you live from Houston, Texas.

Whether you are currently in the OFA Challenge, recently completed the challenge, or just a Funnelhacker looking to get your Copy written by a proven expert...

Get Your Sales Funnel Copy Written By A Proven Conversion Copywriter.

Rest easy knowing that I get it.

If you are new to funnels, It's OK. We can carve out your slice of the "conversions" pie as well ;). #NoFunnelHackerLeftBehind

Who This Is For:

🚫You Simply Don't Have The Time To Write Your Own Copy

🚫You Know The Importance Of Having Powerful Sales Copy In Your Funnel, And You Want It To Be Written By A Proven Expert

🚫You Had A Hard Time Connecting Your "Hook, Story, Offer" And An Even Harder Time Putting It All Together In Your Funnel

🚫You Suck At Writing Copy (Your Words... Not Mine, Buddy)

🚫You Don't Have Enough Ideas Or Lack Creativity To Produce Engaging Content

🚫You Hate Selling, And Don't Know How To Position Your Message Without The "Icky" Feeling

🚫You Feel Overwhelmed With Copywriting And Are Looking For A Simplified Solution

🚫You Haven't Made Any Real Money In Your Funnel Yet And You Want To Change That... Fast!

I've been blessed to have worked with a wide range of businesses across the globe.

Who have I written Facebook Ads, Sales Funnel Copy, Email Sequences, Webinar Scripts for?  

Just A Few ;)

We Love To Work With...

Business Coaches

Real Estate Coaches

Public Figures

Course Creators

Internet Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

Network Marketers (Earning a Full Time Income)


I operate with a No B.S. approach, so there are no strings attached here.  

I'm doing this because I enjoy contributing to the Funnelhacker community in this way and I want to offer an irresistible level of value that builds trust.  

I have been through the OFA Challenge multiple times, purchased and geeked out on everything Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson’s stuff so if anyone feels you... I feel you. ;)

Above all, I want to see everyone reach the 2 Comma Club and in order to do that, we need high converting copy.

Put my team and I on your side to help guide you to your first (or next) blue ocean of high converting customers.

Here's What You Get:

➡️ 60 Minute Strategy Session: 

This session will allow us to formulate the ideal funnel/copy strategy to efficiently achieve your business goals.

➡️ Strategy Blueprint: 

This document will give you a visual representation to what your entire funnel system should look like (including email sequences), and the major elements that need to be in your funnel copy to ensure maximum conversions of your perfect customer.

🙏 Custom Proposal:

If we are a good fit, I will offer to send you a proposal to fulfill your copywriting needs. The cost of the strategy session will be credited to your custom project.

If we're not a good fit, No worries! We will still provide recommendations on who would be a great copywriter for your situation. 

For most clients, they are simply blown away by how much clarity they receive just by having a visual representation in front of them.

Here's My Simple 7 Step Process

1. Send You Questionnaire and Calendar Links

2. You Fill Out Questionnaire

3. Schedule Call & I Show Up With A Smile

4. I Ask You A Series Of Questions Related To Your Business, Goals, Etc…

5. My Team And I Will Take The Info And Get To Work

6. You Receive Your Final Version And Leave Honest Feedback

7. We Can Then Create A Custom Project For You, Or You Are Free To Execute Everything Yourself


Q) Why is this service so cheap?

A) Very Simple, the Funnel Rolodex is going to be huge. I want my agency to be known as one of the most trusted names on the platform. If I can connect with hungry business owners like yourself, I'll be able to get more reviews which will inspire others to choose me in confidence. :)

Q) What the heck is a Conversion Copywriter?

A) I'm glad you asked :)... The typical Freelance Copywriter who is ready to write you some "killer" copy can be likened to the smooth talking player at the bar who only cares about "getting lucky." They tend to use tactics that get one-time sales (if any at all.)

Conversion Copywriters focus on the deep psychological triggers that "convert" a lead into a loyal customer who is proud to bring you (and your offer) home to meet the parents.   

Q) What information do you need to start the job??

A) I’ll send you a questionnaire immediately after purchase. It’ll cover questions like these:

What are the benefits of your offering?

Why is it unique or better?

What claims do you want to make about it?

How would you describe the personality of your brand?

Who is your target visitor?

What do they need and want?

Why are they at your site?

How did they get there? (e.g. Search engine? Sales letter?)

Why should they trust you?

What’s your call to action?

We also will dig deeper on the call to get the juicy details. ;)

Q) When can you start and how long will it take you to finish?

A) My team and I are ready to start today. We will finish by the guaranteed delivery date. :)

Q) Can I suggest changes to your copy?

A) Yes! By all means. I’m not precious about my work. However, if you suggest a change that, in my professional opinion, is unwise, I’ll advise against it, then leave the final decision to you.

Q) I’m in another country, can you still write my copy?

A) Yes! I work with clients around the world, including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Latin America, etc…

Q) Is my project too big or too small?

A) Probably not. You are welcome to book a discovery call here https://marketplace.funnelrolodex.com/services/4023-30-minute-discovery-call-to-ensure-we-re-a-great-fit-for-your-copywriting-needs

Q) Do you provide free samples?

A) Unfortunately, we don’t provide free samples – it’s just one of our rules. Free samples don’t do our copywriting justice with the context of a full project. Free work also takes time to research, structure, draft, edit, and proofread, which we need to charge for. 

We’re excited to have a ton of honest reviews from past clients that help show our dedication to your success as a client.

Q) I have a limited budget can you still help?

A) Does your budget stretch to the current price? If so, then yes. If not, then I’m afraid I’m probably not the copywriter for you. My team and I do appreciate that startups often have limited funds for copywriting but unfortunately we don’t take on projects for exposure or on the promise of more work in the future.

My #1 goal is to give more value than I receive in payment.  

If you feel that has not happened, please let me know and I will try to rectify the situation, which includes providing a full refund.  

I am here to help you grow, scale, and win… simple as that. 

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Thumb new headshot
about 19 hours ago
He is the definition of under promise and over deliver. He is very very knowledgeable in the world of digital marketing and helped me figure out my problems in an instant!
Thumb timothyconti
21 days ago
Ladon is Amazing! I was stuck in the OFA with my copy. I knew what I wanted to say but it just wasn't connecting. Before Ladon even agreed to take on the copy project he took the time to research my market, and understand my business. On our call, he cleared up some things for me first and provided direction. Now that we have a framework we can start discussing copy. I could not recommend Ladon more. He is a true professional.
Thumb travelpreneur tribe gallery photo 4
about 1 month ago
Had an amazing funnel strategy session and got a lot of value and clarity. I Will definitely continue working with Ladon on further defining my strategy and copy.
Default avatar
8 months ago
This man has delivered astonishing results with minimum information. He goes above and beyond to deliver high quality content. I would highly recomend for ptoffesional results in a timely manner.
Default avatar
9 months ago
I would recomend this service to everyone. DJ cleared up any confusion I had with the upmost of patients. He is very knowledgeable ib his area of expertise.He made it easier for me to understand the concept and get the job done. He goes above and beyond to get the job done.Thank you for your patients in all matters around this build.
Default avatar
10 months ago
La' Don has provided me with additional insight and knowledge that will help me to grow my business. He went above and beyond on my first project he worked on for me that I decided I only want to work with him because I knew he would deliver! He is very patient and great to work with. He gets the job done!! I would highly recommend using his services.
Default avatar
10 months ago
Excellent value recommend his service
Thumb profile photo
11 months ago
Incredible Job. Truly gifted at what he does. Someone on your team you need during your process of moving forward.
Default avatar
11 months ago
JD is such a great person and such a pro businessman, fun to talk with, super clear overdelivering ideas and solutions. Definitely thumbs up! If you need help you know who to work with! Thank you vey much JD!
Default avatar
11 months ago
ljbprime over delivered! very efficient and dedicated to his craft!
Default avatar
about 1 year ago
Awesome teacher. Very down to earth ! Thanks
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<p>Hey everyone!</p><p><br></p><p>My #1 goal is to squeeze as much value as I can into every service I provide!</p><p><br></p><p>I'm a 12 year Military Veteran with 5 years in the global business world. I also love travel, and after going to over 80 countries, I have a unique perspective on business, people, and how they go together in becoming your customer.</p><p><br></p><p>Check out my services, and I look forward to the opportunity of seeing if we're a good fit to get you a great ROI.</p>

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