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Complete Sales Funnel Copywriting - Get Proven Results From A Proven Conversion Copywriter

Copywriting/Sales Letters
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7 days on average
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My #1 Goal Is To Provide Executive Level Service While Creating Sales Funnel Copy That Gets You Conversions Asap.

60 Minute Discovery Call

DELIVERY TIME: Your order will be delivered on time. Please disregard the average delivery time. Some clients have requested more time to produce the necessary information for me to complete their order, and that has skewed that metric. Your order will be delivered on time for sure. 
RUSH DELIVERY: Need to start the process faster? Check out the Extra below

Hello! I'm La'Don, 12 Year U.S. Air Force Vet turned Conversion Copywriter coming to you live from a small beach town in Mexico.

Whether you are currently in the OFA Challenge, recently completed the challenge, or just a Funnelhacker looking to get your Copy written by a proven expert...

Schedule your 60 minute Discovery Call with me today to start the process of getting your Sales Funnel Copy written by a proven Conversion Copywriter.

Rest easy knowing that I get it.

If you are new to funnels, It's OK. We can carve out your slice of the "conversions" pie as well ;). #NoFunnelHackerLeftBehind

Who This Is For:

  • You Simply Don't Have The Time To Write Your Own Copy
  • You Know The Importance Of Having Powerful Sales Copy In Your Funnel, And You Want It To Be Written By A Proven Expert
  • You Had A Hard Time Connecting Your "Hook, Story, Offer" And An Even Harder Time Putting It All Together In Your Funnel
  • You Suck At Writing Copy (Your Words... Not Mine Buddy)
  • You Don't Have Enough Ideas Or Lack Creativity To Produce Engaging Content
  • You Hate Selling, And Don't Know How To Position Your Message Without The "Icky" Feeling
  • You Need A Step-by-Step Structured Approach That's Easy To Follow
  • You Feel Overwhelmed With Copywriting And Are Looking For A Simplified Solution
  • You Haven't Made Any Real Money In Your Funnel Yet And You Want To Change That... Fast!

I've been blessed to have worked with a wide range of businesses across the globe.

Who have I written Facebook Ads, Sales Funnel Copy, and Email Sequences for?  

Just A Few ;)

We specialize in working with the following:

Corporate Leadership Coaches

Business Leadership Coaches

Public Figures

Course Creators

Internet Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

Network Marketers (Earning a Full Time Income)


I operate with a No B.S. approach, so there is no strings attached here.  

I'm doing this because I enjoy contributing to the Funnelhacker community in this way and I want to offer an irresistible level of value that builds trust.  

I have been through the OFA Challenge multiple times, so if anyone feels you... I feel you. ;)

Above all, I want to see everyone reach the 2 Comma Club and in order to do that, we need high converting copy.

Put my team on your side to help guide you to your first (or next) blue ocean of high converting customers.

Here's What You Get:

➡️ 1 X 60 Minute Discovery Call: 

We will get on a quick call so I can get a clearer picture of what it is you EXACTLY want to achieve and we will be able to agree on the details of your customized order.

➡️ 1 X Sales Funnel Copy Recommended Blueprint: 

This blueprint is my personal recommendation of the copy elements that should be in your Sales Funnel Copy.

We can all agree that the elements that would go into a life coaching course funnel are completely different than what would go into a Financial Advisors course funnel.

This blueprint will give you a better understanding of what will convert for your audience.

Here's How The 60 Minute Discovery Call Works:

Step #1 - Please send me a message after ordering the gig, and I will send you the link to my calendar. Please include what you want to achieve, any roadblocks, and all relevant documents or websites links that will help me prepare for our call.

Step #2 - Lock in a time on my online calendar. The call will be via Zoom in a Zoom Meeting Room. If you need help getting setup, I will be able to assist you.

Step #3 - During the call, I will ask you a series of questions to get crystal clear on the best action plan for your sales funnel copy. This will also be a great opportunity for you to get all of your questions answered.

Step #4 - At the end of the call, we will agree on the details (pricing, delivery date, etc) and I will send you a customized order link VIA the Funnel Rolodex for you to get the project started.

You Are 1 Decision Away From Sales Funnel Copy That Actually Converts.    

Your Rolodex listing copy is cool, 5 star reviews are great, but can you write well for my business??

If this is you, I get it... So I welcome you to put me to the test.

Click the Extra Below for "Laser Focused Headlines" and I will write those specifically for your business. If you don't see the value in those, then you know very quickly that I'm not your guy.


Q) Why is this service so cheap?

A) Very Simple, the Funnel Rolodex is going to be huge. I want to be known as one of the most trusted names and a go-to service provider that my parents can be proud of ;). If I can connect with more hungry business owners like yourself, I'll be able to get more reviews which will inspire others to choose me in confidence. :)

Q) What the heck is a Conversion Copywriter?

A) I'm glad you asked :)... The typical Freelance Copywriter who is ready to write you some "killer" copy can be likened to the smooth talking player at the bar who only cares about "getting lucky." They tend to use tactics that get one-time sales (if any at all.)

Conversion Copywriters focus on the deep psychological triggers that "convert" a lead into a loyal customer who is proud to bring you (and your product) home to meet the parents.   

Q) Do you have expert knowledge with writing Facebook Ads?

A) Yes, It's actually one of my favorite things to write because (depending on the product) you can really get into telling your target audience stories that are already in their head that stop them dead in their lazy news-feed scroll.  

Some customers have even inquired about who wrote the ad that sold them on becoming a customer. Fun stuff.  

Q) Why would I need this ''Clarity call''?

A) There are many things you could do to improve the conversion potential of your copy. The best investment of your time will be to have someone holding you by the hand to help you get clarity on everything - so you are achieving 80% results from 20% input instead of the other way around.

Q) I don't have time, can you just handle all of the Copywriting for me?

A) Yes, just schedule the call and we will discuss the details further. 

Q) Do you work on retainer?

A) Yes (usually 4 hours increments), check out the "Extras" to take advantage of that service. 

Q) What kind of pricing can be expected when working with you?

A) There are 2 main factors that go into writing high converting copy:

1. The awareness and sophistication of your target audience

2. The price point of your offer.

Why? These 2 elements give the measuring stick of how much copy needs to be written to get the conversions.

I have done Full Sales Funnel Copy (Ads, Squeeze Page, Sales Page, OTO Page, upsell,downsell, Thank you page, & email sequences) for $700, and I have also done it for $6,000+

Copy is arguably the most important element of a sales funnel. The winners never go cheap here because they want results.

Simply put, 2 Comma Club funnels aren't filled with $100 Copy.

My #1 goal is to give more value than I receive in payment.  

If you feel that has not happened, please let me know and I will try to rectify the situation, which includes providing a full refund.  

I am here to help you win, simple as that. 


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Default avatar
23 days ago
La' Don has provided me with additional insight and knowledge that will help me to grow my business. He went above and beyond on my first project he worked on for me that I decided I only want to work with him because I knew he would deliver! He is very patient and great to work with. He gets the job done!! I would highly recommend using his services.
Default avatar
30 days ago
Excellent value recommend his service
Thumb profile photo
about 1 month ago
Incredible Job. Truly gifted at what he does. Someone on your team you need during your process of moving forward.
Default avatar
about 2 months ago
JD is such a great person and such a pro businessman, fun to talk with, super clear overdelivering ideas and solutions. Definitely thumbs up! If you need help you know who to work with! Thank you vey much JD!
Default avatar
about 2 months ago
ljbprime over delivered! very efficient and dedicated to his craft!
Thumb image 12 21 19 at 10.50
2 months ago
La'Don Just Made My Day! I was totally stuck with my project. Everything was so confusing and I decided to reach out to La'Don. He replied right away and was ready to connect. Our zoom call was very joyful and productive. Love his great and positive energy! His knowledge! He was super friendly, down to the Earth and the most importantly he helped me to get unstuck and complete my work in very short timer. If anyone need help with HOOK, STORY, OFFER, ***LA'DON IS YOUR GUY*** He is not only helps with the project, but also has that AMAZING ABILITY TO ELEVATE YOUR CONFIDENCE AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.
Default avatar
2 months ago
If you really wish to be treated right, set up a meet with La'Don. You will quickly find he holds your interest ahead of his own. I appreciated him even before we spoke because his font work in the bio is easy to read. You want this in your copy, please believe me. As a student of marketing and sales, it is no wonder he is busy. Set up a time to get on his schedule early. He will tailor your business before you know it.
Default avatar
2 months ago
Great service and nice person. I love my hooks and you over delivered, thank you so much!!!
Default avatar
3 months ago
Default avatar
3 months ago
Hey Ladon is SOOOOO down to earth and honest ! Hands down a great business man all the way around. You don't have to look no more. He is the answer to your questions! Megan
Default avatar
3 months ago
Awesome teacher. Very down to earth ! Thanks
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<p>Hey everyone!</p><p><br></p><p>My #1 goal is to squeeze as much value as I can into every service I provide!</p><p><br></p><p>I'm a 12 year Military Veteran with 5 years in the global business world. I also love travel, and after going to over 80 countries, I have a unique perspective on business, people, and how they go together in becoming your customer.</p><p><br></p><p>Check out my services, and I look forward to the opportunity of earning your business, and a quality rating from you.</p>

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