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Ultimate Funnel Launch Checklist Test and Review

Programming/Custom CSS
2 days estimated (5 days guaranteed) >
0 days on average
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After helping literally 100's of FunnelHackers launch their funnels, we've seen all sorts of little (and sometimes not so little) issues that can stop your funnel launch in it's tracks.

We will run through all the following and more:
  • Funnel Steps and Layout
  • Facebook tracking throughout check
  • Google Analytics check
  • Product setup, fulfillment, and thank you page check 
  • Purchase Test
  • Email SMTP check
  • CRM Integration check
  • Members integration to purchase (if applicable)
  • Domain and SSL check
  • Secure page check on all pages (for any errors/invalid files)
  • Page Error check (javascript)
  • and more...
Send us your funnel, your #1 goal with it (we are selling X to Y using Z) your CF login, and your launch date and we'll do the rest.

You will get a checklist with all the details of our review
A set of tasks that need to be completed prior to your launch
Small tasks will be done by us (this will be date dependent on your launch and the size of the task)
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8 months ago
Superfast! Thank you!
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Funnel Fix It
Online 5 days ago



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