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I'll Fix your Headline and Sub-headline for your squeeze page, Sales Page, OTO Page or Webinar

4 days estimated (4 days guaranteed) >
8 days on average
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NEW JOB Discount - More details below.

Are you looking at your Headline and thinking I know it could be better? 

If you are, then you are right…

Don’t worry, I can help you sort this out. 

I will take your current headlines and will pimp them up. 

I will create an amazing and Unique system, Headline, and Sub headline for your squeeze page.

You know what a Headline and Subheadline is but you may wonder what is a Unique System.

A Unique System is the unique piece, part, component, aspect, process, or system behind your product or service which delivers the result for prospects.

This will be what is unique about your product that they cannot get anywhere else. 

For example ClickFunnels is a Unique System that you can't get from any other product.

Now I know what you are saying ClickFunnels is a software, I don’t have a software. 

Another example is Tony Robbins “Date with Destiny” training event is a unique system and so is his “Leadership Academy” training event.

You can get personal development training everywhere these days, but Tony Robbins has created a unique system that allows him to charge thousands. 

Want your own system, sign up for the job below...

NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $299 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

Please note Extras below for Fixing and developing your squeeze page, Sales Page and OTO.


I will share a questionnaire, which you will answer. 

I will review your answers then

You feedback on the questions.

I come up with a shortlist of Headlines and Subheadings. 

Once you agree that you are happy with it. 

We finalize and sign off on the job.

More about me. 


Hi, I’m Jerry J O Brien,

I helped more than 20, entrepreneurs and businesses get their stories out.


Ironically, Even though I am Dyslexic, I am passionate about Storytelling and Comedy. 


I have 23 years experience in Business, sales and marketing. More recently 7 years experience with Email Marketing and Storytelling. 


I worked with some of the largest Brands in the world, including IBM & Microsoft. I have also worked with 20+ companies. I helped one client 2.5x their turnover to over 5m. 


And I grew sales for another from 0 to over 1 million turnover in 3 years. 


Sign up for the job below. 

Let’s do this together. 


NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $299 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

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I help Entrepreneurs win. 23 years experience in Business Development. including Online Marketing, Marketing and Direct Sales & Partnering. I worked with IBM & Microsoft. I have also help 20+ companies grow. helped one client 2.5x their turnover to over 5m. Message me any Questions

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