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The Voice of God ...Next Door. Fulltime Voice Actor, Part time Vocalist, Storyteller.

2 days estimated (2 days guaranteed) >
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Disclaimer: This is a professional service that I am providing. This is not my hobby.

What my Tax Deductible fee buys you:

  • Up to 150 words (1 script per order*)
  • Commercial Rights and limited Broadcast Rights**
  • W-9 Tax Form (upon request)
  • Signed None Disclosure Agreement (upon request)
  • 1 HQ .wav file completely edited and ready to use
  • 2 Revisions for minor script changes within 48hrs of delivery***
  • 1 Script update within a 12 month period

In order for me to get started and complete this in a timely manner, please makes sure your script has been checked for errors and approved for use. Provide any punctuation of necessary for uncommon or foreign words, names and places. All reads should be G-Rated. Use adjectives to help describe the style and voice you want for your script .i.e.

  • Quick/rushed
  • Slow/dramatic
  • Normal/conversational
  • Motivational/slow build
  • Reflective/somber
  • Loud/over the top
  • Corporate/authoritative
  • Whimsical/animated
  • Excited/hyped
  • Macho/gritty

-Include an audio sample of you doing part of the read if necessary

-If you purchased the Mix and Master or Royalty Free Music extra, please describe the music genre(s) you desire

-If you purchased the PowerPoint extra, please provide the PowerPoint file*

-If you purchased the Video/Audio Sync extra, please provide your video/audio with time stamps*

-if you purchased the Jingle extra, please provide sheet music and/or lyrics with the music or melody*

*Large files can be transferred free either through WeTransfer or DropBox.

**Broadcast Rights are limited to non-paid, non-targeted ads and platforms only. See Buyout rate in extras for paid/targeted Usage Fee. A buyout means you own all rights to use my voice whenever and for as long as you wish.

***A revision is not the same as an alternate read. If you want your script read in a different style and/or voice than originally requested (alternate read), that will require an additional fee. This does not apply to the Script update provided in your purchase. See extras.

Standard delivery is 48hrs

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<p>"Eric's voice captures your attention and doesn't let go!"</p><p><br></p><p>I am a classically trained vocalist and an imaginative, voice actor with a resonant and versatile deep voice. Being new to the Click Funnel Community, I'm in the process of creating a couple of funnels to help companies by using the power of my voice. I offer that to you here for a fraction of what that package will be. This is what I do full time and have been doing it for 20yrs.</p><p><br></p><p>Though Corporate narration work is my specialty, I'm also highly seasoned in Crowdfunding, Social Media, Commercials, Telephony/On-hold Messaging, Documentaries, Animation and more. </p><p><br></p><p>I'm easy to work with and can also provide the following services:</p><p>-Royalty Free music </p><p>-Audio mixing and mastering</p><p>-Syncing to video or music</p><p>-Adding music and/or professional narrations to Power Point presentations</p><p>-Sing Jingles/Songs (must provide music and lyrics)</p><p>-Script proof reading and editing</p><p>-Voiceover Concept Consulting</p><p><br></p><p>A few of the brands that have trusted me to tell their story include&nbsp;Microsoft, Texas A&amp;M, Dupont, GIGANTTI, Delta Airlines, Elior, BARIL, Manscaped.com, Daimler, US Army, ESPN.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>Check out some of my work here:</p><p>https://www.instagram.com/thatbassvoice/</p><p>https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9337226/</p>

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