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Find YOUR Purpose

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The HARDEST part of building a funnel is knowing what to sell in the first place. I guide you through a powerful process to help you find exactly what your purpose is, and help you find a way to turn that purpose into a product. I FIRMLY believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON has something inside them that can be turned into a product and sold to help other people. If you're into Clickfunnels, it means you want to create online income. The BEST WAY TO CREATE cashflow is to solve and problem and SERVE THE PEOPLE. I'll help you figure out what you're truly passionate about, a leader in, or an expert on and then I'll help you find the best way to turn that into something you can sell in your funnel.

FREE LAUNCH BONUS: To celebrate the launch of one of my new funnels, for a limited time, I'm including SEVERAL FREE BONUSES if you buy this service.


  • Find Your Purpose Process Tool: A robust, simple tool delivered via Google Sheets with several steps designed to help you find your real values. You'll answer hard questions, but in the process, you'll learn a lot about yourself. By the end, you'll have clarified your values and found what is most important to you. I'll include a link to a video explaining how to use the tool
  • Coaching Call: After you complete the tool, we'll look over your results together. Based on how well and honestly you answer the questions, we can spend our 60 minutes finding inspiring ways you could turn your purpose into a product you can sell. We'll also potentially talk about what type of funnel will be best!
  • Bonus:Time Clarity Tool: Another Google Sheets tool that will be useful in keeping your life in order as you spend time building your business.
  • Bonus: Outsourcing Guide: A simple guide for figuring out what parts of your life you might want to outsource. This is VITAL to the success of your business.
  • Free Bonuses From My Funnel: A couple life-changing tools to make your financial life MUCH easier and create a foundation for your business!


  • Find Your Purpose Process Tool: $997 Value
  • Coaching Call: $997 Value
  • Free Bonus: Time Clarity Tool: $99 Value
  • Free Bonus: Outsourcing Guide: $99 Value
  • FREE BONUSES FROM MY OWN FUNNEL: The 10% Rule ($499 Value) Cashflow Mastery ($1,499 value)


YOU PAY: $500

Going through this process WILL help you figure out what to sell in your funnel. Not only will you have a powerful, life-changing product, it'll be something you LOVE and can easily get excited about and can dedicate all of your energy to building and selling. You'll learn a lot about yourself and your values- you might even cry! But in a good way. Order today!

Money-Back Guarantee- If you go through the whole process and we haven't identified something you can sell in your funnel, you can keep the tools and bonuses, and I'll give you a full refund. 

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<p>Hey! I'm a personal finance and life coach, and I specialize in helping people find their purpose and set goals. I studied financial planning in college, and after I graduated, I realized that getting a 'real job' was NOT for me. About the same time, I started reading Russell's books, discovered Clickfunnels, and decided to start an online business. I work one-on-one with clients to help them get their financial life in order, or I do one-on-one coaching calls to help clients find their purpose. Clickfunnels is AWESOME and teaches you everything you need to start a MASSIVELY profitable online business- but you need to know what your business should be in the first place. I can help with that! </p>

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