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Custom Domain Setup - All-Inclusive Service Offered By A Reliable Professional

Programming/Domain & Sub-Domain
2 days estimated (2 days guaranteed) >
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You're not a tech guy and all those words like "domain" and "DNS" are just confusing you?! Don't worry, I've got you covered. I've got almost 15 years in IT so I'll professionally handle your order.

What you'll get:

  • I will set up your domain or sub-domain within Clickfunnels and properly attach it to your funnel.

Optional Services:

  • Cloudflare Setup
  • I will set up the domain within Cloudflare so you can benefit from the performance improvements like JS, CSS & HTML minification, meaning your pages will load faster.
  • Note: This is only possible for domains purchased and managed outside of Clickfunnels!

What I need to complete this order:

  • Username & password of your Clickfunnels account
  • Username & password of your domain registrar (the website/platform you purchased your domain at)
  • The domain name and information about which funnel you want it attached to.
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Christian Rauchenwald
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Hi, my name is Christian Rauchenwald and I'm not just a nerd, I'm the King of nerds. In the last 15 years, I worked my way from self-employed freelance web-developer to CTO positions of 8-figure eCommerce companies. Long story short, I am the WHO that solves YOUR problems!

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