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I will write a killer "Soap Opera Sequence" to convert your leads into customers

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I will write a killer soap opera sequence to ensure you get EVERY dime from your list.


Imagine this.


You create your offer, you build your funnel, you get some traffic, you’ve poured your heart and soul into getting THIS FAR and then what….








No sales.


People are opting in for your freebie but are not buying your offer.


So, how do you convert these leads into customers?


Via the soap opera sequence. Of course!


The what?


The Soap Opera Sequence.


Your lead, your potential customer, is not ready to buy…yet. This is because they don’t trust you, nor do they see the value in the offer stack. The Soap Opera Sequence will take them on that journey.


It is a sequence of FIVE emails specifically designed to:


  • Engage your audience FAST

  • Build trust and relationship FAST

  • Establish your attractive character by revealing your origin story…bit by bit

  • 10x’s your open rates with high converting subject lines

  • Knock down barriers to getting a sale

  • Direct leads to become customers


Sound good? Then let’s talk.


My soap opera sequences are never written as sales copy, they are written as stories, they are written to sound genuine and authentic, they are written to come from YOU!


Each email is around 250 words. So for the entire sequence it is over 1250 words PLUS the email subject lines.  


To make sure you are completely satisfied - I’ll rewrite until you are happy, or until my fingers bleed.  


To get started I’ll need your origin story and core information about your offer stack, including what pain points it solves for potential clients.

What now? Your options are this:-


1. Learn how to do this yourself and save $100 (But would you really save $100? Or would you spend far more in the learning and doing)

2. Buy this service and move on to your next task knowing that THIS is taken care of.


To your success



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I write high converting soap opera sequences that turn your leads into customers.

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