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Premium:10X🔥Your Business With One Funnel Away Challenge Done For You (Old Price $720 Order Now )

Funnel Building/Custom Funnel Build
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ATTENTION 😮 Do You Want A Highly Converting Funnel For Your Business ?

My Name is Victor Linus I'm a Sales Funnel Copywriter and Pro Clickfunnels Expert enough of the bragging 😊

I know you asking how can I help you? continue reading below...

Building Highly converting Funnels With Zero or less Technicals Knowledge can be a nightmare and I totally understand how frustrating that can feel.

here is a quick story 5 years ago, when I first started my online funnel design agency building funnels where task only done by high tech individuals which literally cost me time and hundreds of dollars beacuse I was busy hiring overpriced so called high Tech designers to get the job done Fast and professionally ;which never happend. This frustration eventually made me start a Funnel Rescue Mission haha..😂

Because sitting on the desk for hours without knowing exactly how to structure my funnels,backenf integrations etc was very frustrating and stressful for me 😔 so I decided to make a decision that changed my life and business in general I created a framework for designing funnels in my agency that make the funnel building process really fast and professional .which over the past 5 years now have helped increase my business productivity and ROI .

Let me ask a quick question ;

What if I hold you by the hand and Help built out your funnel without you doing any of the technicals or all those complex , intgrations gimmics thats drains your energy and time will that ease you the stress to focus more on your strength ? i.e (creating system,Creating Frameworks, offers etc)

If your answer is YES Congratualtions,🤝 This will be best decision you have taken For your business In 2020 .

I will be using the same system which has help me grow my business over the past 5 years to build your funnel so you can have the time to focus on other important componets of your business.

This is a limited one time offer I want to help as many entreprenuers as I can with my breakthrough funnel design framework during this trying times.(COVID-19 Pandemic) which will mean a lot to me thats is why am offering this service it at that low price $720 Only Per funnel usually $1997 🙄


My happiness and fulfilment is seeing your business grow which will eventually change your life forever .

Take the bold step today and order the gig below $720 Only Per Funnel Page

Bonues : Plus you will recive other amazing bonuses of Free digital Ebook

you can use as lead magnets to generate leads for your business .

Always remember this you are one funnel away

Order Now!! $30 Per Funnel Page plus free Amazing Bonuses (Digital Assest to use as lead Magnets and Techical Support )

P.S please indicate how many pages is your funnels and proceed to purchase the extra gig for each page thanks :




"Victor was absolutely OUTSTANDING! He was patient, thorough, and understanding. I even switched up my funnel idea on him last minute (felt bad) but he didn't bat an eye. He made the adjustment and still completed my funnel in a timely manner! I'd recommend him for your next funnel creation! Now, let's start promoting!"

"This dude is solid on our first project. He built out Landing, sales and upsell page. Looks amazing, our copy looks great on the pages. Just hired him to design webinar funnel."

"Easy and great to work with. Victor followed up until we were completely satisfied."

$39 Only Per funnel Page Plus Other Cool Bonuses Free Ebook you can use as lead magnets to start generating instant leads for your business.



Forget about peeing after you've been holding it for hours or taking off your uncomfortable shoes after a long day at work...

The best feeling in the world is waking up in the morning and realizing that you just made more money in your sleep than most people do in a week of hard work.

^ That's how you could be feeling every morning for the rest of your life if you make the right hiring decision today.


Russel Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, likes to say that 'You are only one funnel away...'

I say: 'You are only one Funnel Expert away...'



I will write AND build every smallest element of your sales funnel, to make sure it runs like a well-oiled machine.

That includes:


This is where we turn anonymous people into prospects by inducing more curiosity than they can handle.

I will write an engaging copy with bullet points that will make them crave your free ebook/webinar/whatever you have to offer.

$39 Only Per funnel Page Plus Other Cool Bonuses Free Ebook you can use as lead magnets to start generating instant leads for your business.


It's time to educate people who downloaded your lead magnet but think that they don't need your core product...

My 7-14 email sequence will open their eyes and show them how wrong they are.


My favorite part of the funnel - the part where your cash register starts singing its happiest song (ca-ching!)

By the time your prospects finish reading this bad boy, they will believe with every ounce of their being that taking their credit cards out and entering those digits is the only right thing to do.


The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. Don't you want a piece of that?

A carefully-crafted OTO (one-time offer) page will skyrocket your revenue like nothing else.

$39 Only Per funnel Page Plus Other Cool Bonuses Free Ebook you can use as lead magnets to start generating instant leads for your business.



If you want to play it safe, sound more professional and less human in order to please everyone, and be just another brick in the wall called the internet - keep looking.

I only work with bold clients with unique products, who dare to stand out and try something different... Maybe even something no one has ever tried.

So before you send me a message, ask yourself what you would be willing to do in order to catch your ideal clients' attention.

If 'being unique', 'showing character' and 'not shying away from controversy' is on that list - I want to hear from you.



Call me a bad designer , but I can't possibly express in words how much I appreciate the fact that you are considering me for such an important task.

Thank you!

I would say that I won't let you down... But that's what everybody says, isn't it?

So instead of those cliche promises, I will offer you UNLIMITED REVISIONS and a no-question, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Simply, I will keep editing, tweaking until you are 100% satisfied...

And if I fail to deliver above and beyond, I won't take a dime.

Fair enough?



Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to our conversation.

Yours Sincerely,

Victor Linus

Below Are Screenshots of Funnel I have done.

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Thumb img 1045
3 months ago
Victor helped me to finish the funnel I created with the challenging tech areas I was struggling with as well as repositioning some copy and missing items I needed, and especially the uploading and access areas needing completion! A HUGE help to me to get this first funnel launched. I am so appreciative! Thank you Victor! I look forward to your help with the ad support to do my first ad and get results with my first funnel and first ad as well!
Thumb how playing improved my life thumbnail copy
3 months ago
Victor did an excellent job on my funnel. I will work with him again!
Thumb dan october
4 months ago
Victor was great, he was very responsive and took care of everything I ask in a timely fashion. I would recommend him. He does great work.
Default avatar
4 months ago
Victor did an awesome job creating my funnel. Any changes that I needed, he made promptly! I will definitely use him again.
Default avatar
6 months ago
This gentleman Victor was the best experience a newbie like me could have.He returned emails quickly,he did fantastic job on my funnels.He was patient and easy to work with.Will without doubt work with him again and again.This guy is the truth. Thanks again Victor
Thumb photo zoom
6 months ago
Great job, I will definitely recommand Victor, and will work with him again
Thumb bbbbbbbbbbbb
6 months ago
Thanks for those kinds words. I will love to have him again and again. 
Default avatar
6 months ago
Default avatar
7 months ago
Thumb fotohugo2
7 months ago
This is my second services with Victor and once again I got an excellent work!!
Default avatar
8 months ago
It was a pleasure working with 'em. Everything was very quick and professional!
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Victor Linus
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