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Your Done-For-You Lead Magnet or Expert e-Book (English Only)

Copywriting/Articles & Books
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11 days on average
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Did you just finish The One Funnel Away Challenge, are you ready to get your first funnel up, capture leads with a well-written and to the point e-Book or want to have a short intro-expert e-Book? Look no further! I am here to get it done-for-you! 🤓

DO NOT delay and take advantage of the challenge's momentum by ordering your done-for-you short e-Book (10-pages).

How does it work? I am a professional writer/ghostwriter, best selling author and content monetization strategist and one of my main gifts is helping people tell their story/expertise quickly and eloquently.

Funnel Strategy: You know what your book should include but what about HOW to incorporate the book into your funnel? What will the up-sell(s) will be? Strategy and funnel building are key elements of your expert book. It MUST be outlined and discussed BEFORE the e-Book is written. Worry not, Strategy IS my thing. I will help you with the strategy and funnel up-sells.

Once you place your order, & answer a few questions we'll jump on a zoom call, I will get in your head, and get your expertise out. Then I will do my magic to organize and write it in such a way your dream client or avatar gets it and is left wanting more from you. It's that simple.

Once that's done my team will take care of formatting, light editing and creating a simple cover for you.

After that all you have to do is tell people about your awesome short e-Book or expert e-Book.

Yes it is that that simple and quick (you will receive your e-book within 7-business days); giving you plenty of time to get your funnel/landing page up. Worry not, while the team and I are putting your e-Book together you will have your killer title, and cover so you can start pre-selling your e-Book QUICKLY. The sooner you place your order the sooner you can have your Stripe and PayPal accounts popping. 

Don't know what your e-Book should be about? Don't worry, that's why I'll send you those key coaching questions so when we get together I'll have everything I need to better help you and leverage our time together.

Sounds like a plan? Cool beans.

Want to know what I have written before? You can check my Amazon books by doing a search for Catherine Storing or going to my website (same as my name).

I look forward to helping you with your e-Book!

Cat and The Writing Made Simple Team


⚠️ This is NOT your typical useless (i.e. irrelevant) and low quality Fiverr-like e-Book. This will be a well-written and on-point e-Book 🧐


I am offering this intro rate because I want to help my fellow One Funnel Away Challenge Members get their funnels popping but know I charge $1,500+ for this service. So take advantage of this offer while you still can. 


e-Books and Expert e-Books available in English Only

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over 1 year ago
Amazing service
Thumb jennifer   scarlett click funnels profile photo
over 2 years ago
Catherine was a fantastic experience! She over delivers on everything. You will be very happy! Hire her!
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Online 3 months ago



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<p>As a ghostwriter &amp; publisher me (and my team) help clients with ALL their writing needs (e-Books, expert books, Epiphany Bridge Story, Bios that sell, product descriptions), funnels, sales letters, funnel strategy, lead magnets, funnel creation, product and courses. </p><p>We have quite a few services to help you help others. Take a look and if you need something funnel and strategy related you don't see just send us a message and we'll see what we can do for you. </p><p><br></p><p>We do it FAST too. After all, your funnel needs to start making you money pronto, am I right?</p><p><br></p><p>Cat an Team Teach Your Easy!</p>

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