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Custom Build Your Ultimate Personal Brand — Exclusive Approach Matches Your Motivational Style

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Custom Build Your Ultimate Personal Brand with Stephen Larmer and Create a Brand That Resonates with You and Your Clients for Maximum Impact Based on Exclusive Approach That Matches Your Motivational Style!

As a branding expert, 30-year Creative Director and Designer, I've worked with a full spectrum of brands, from the top 100 in the world to personal businesses — and have even had the privilege of working with the Dalai Lama.

We'll Work Together Utilizing the Three Core Steps of Creating an Effective Brand

01//Understand Yourself
Utilizing the latest in cognitive principles you'll gain a new awareness of yourself that will allow you to compose your brand with purpose, clarity, and confidence

02//Know Your Customer
Using those same cognitive principles you'll determine your ideal customer from a deeper level of understanding

03//Build Your Brand
Applying your understanding of yourself and your ideal customer, you'll be able to create an impactful brand

You'll Come Away With a Brand That Resonates with You and Your Audience, Which Includes:

  • Personality Style Assessment and Report
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Statement
  • Visual Tone & Feel
  • Logo
  • Brand Font
  • Brand Color Palette
  • Brand Style Guide

  • Step 1 — Overview and Audit: • An intro to this unique approach to building a brand. • An overview of the entire process. An Audit of any creative materials, marketing assets, of other brand ideas you may already have in place or are thinking about. YOUR HOMEWORK: Take The New Temperament online personality type assessment and discover if you're an Advocate, Discerner, Shaper, or Sustainer!
  • Step 2 — Understand Yourself: • Discuss your New Temperament personality type results and what it means for you to not only understand your own personality type but also understand the differences of others' personality type. • Explore how to leverage that for the brand of your business, as well as your client interactions. YOUR HOMEWORK: Begin to think about who your ideal client is and be prepared to share your initial thoughts.
  • Step 3 — Know Your Customer: • Review and discuss your thoughts on what your ideal customer looks like, and see how those views are affected by your own temperament. • Work with each other to dig deeper into what the best attributes of your ideal customers really are and how to line up your brand's attributes to resonate with them. YOUR HOMEWORK: Collect other brand materials that you find as inspiration for your brand.
  • Step 4 — Build Your Brand / Part 1: • Review and discuss your collected inspirational brand materials and determine why those qualities resonated with you. • Learn how a good brand has a very distinct personality. • Learn about all of the elements of a brand and how they need to be in sync with each other. • Begin to connect what we've learned so far, to your own brand. • Continue to personalize your brand's attributes.
  • Step 5 — Build Your Brand / Part 2: • Refine all of your brand elements that have been in development based on your feedback so it aligns closely with you and your vision. • Review rough visualizations of your logo concepts. • Finalize your brand elements.
  • Step 6 — Conclusion: • Review and celebrate your completed brand! Which will include: • Brand Voice • Brand Statement • Visual Tone and Feel • Logo • Brand Font Family • Brand Color Palette • Brand Style Guide

Don't Miss This Opportunity to Work with Stephen Larmer to Build a Successful Brand!

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Stephen Larmer is a Brand Design Consultant and Entrepreneur. Over his 30-year career, he’s worked with a full range of clients from solo-preneurs to the Fortune 100. Work with Stephen to reach maximum impact by; 01//Understanding Yourself, 02//Knowing Your Customer, and 03//Building Your Brand.

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