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Affiliate Area Setup For Your Product using BackPack

Backpack/Setup Affiliate Program
7 days estimated (7 days guaranteed) >
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Can I help you setup affiliate area for your product or service on Clickfunnels?

This service is for you if you need to create affiliate area for your product or service. 

I can help you setup and create all affiliate pages and also setup affiliate commissions and other necessary settings using Clickfunnels Backpack.

Before you order for this service, you should have an existing funnel with product or service. If you don't have your funnel built yet, I can build that for you or optimize your current funnel.

You will also need to have an idea of the commission you are willing to give to affiliates.

I look forward to working with you. Send me a message in case there  is something you want to ask before placing your order.

This offer is ONLY available on Funnel Rolodex

Here Are A Few Feedback I Have Received





There are so many other feedback but can't add all of them here.

I am looking forward to help you fix issues with your funnel.

1 order fixes 1 issue or maybe 2 if they are not tedious..

You can message me to be sure if 1 order will fix your issue.


Q) Why so cheap?
A) Sincerely it is because I want to help as many people as possible and also get myself to rank high in this marketplace. I know if I do you a good job, you will leave a good review for me.

Q) How long have you been using Clickfunnels?
A) I have been using Clickfunnels since 2017 and I have built several funnels ever since.

Q) Do you use other landing page builder platforms besides Clickfunnels?
A) No I don't, why would you?

Q) Do you have a refund policy?
A) Yes! I will refund you 100% if I am not able to solve your problem.
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Kelvin Igbinigie
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I am a funnel builder and Facebook Ads Expert. I like to help business owners with tech issues so they can focus on the core part of their businesses. Hire me so you can run your business and scale faster. I have been in the digital space for over 7 years now. I look forward to working with you.

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