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Complete Facebook Ad Setup (Optimization)

10 days estimated (10 days guaranteed) >
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Does this sound like you? 

  • You have a funnel for your consulting, coaching or healing business 
  • You can't afford the $6000 it will cost for an agency to set them up and thinking about pixel makes you dizzy.
  • Some times you're not even sure if you're funnel is really good enough to run ads to
  • You've got some money to test, but you don't want to waste it figuring out Facebook algorithms  
  • You wonder how to create audiences and setup pixels. 
  • You want a sounding board to make sure you're doing this right (yes, it's possible to do wrong). 

And you know you don't want to  pull your hair out setting the whole thing up yourself and having panic attacks when your ads just don't convert.  

Want some help? 

I'm Nathalie, your GOTO girl for Facebook ad setup and campaign. 

I've been a coach for the last four years and I've spent a lot of time, sweat and tears learning Facebook ads. I've had a lot of win's, but I've also had epic failures. There's really three parts to setting up Facebook ads: Strategy, Setup, and Test & Optimization.

Setting them is up the easy part.

But not of it matters unless you have a sound strategy and the belief in yourself (I know mindset and I've gotten this wrong). I'll tell you right now, it doesn't matter if you're spending $0.93 per registrations if you don't have a strategy to get a return on investment. The really hard part is the testing & optimizing phase. If you're not careful, you'll stop yourself before you actually test and tracking metrics will be a problem. 

This is how we will work with you: 

- Establish end to end strategy (From setup to testing) Via 90-minutes VIP Intake  (Value $497) 
- Creation of Ad creation (Value $497) 
- Campaign Creation & tracking pixel setup (Value $497) 
-  End to end testing  (Value $497) 
- Initial setup of KPI and video on how to track (Value $497) 
- Optimization & voxer support for 30-days (Value $497) 

If you're looking for help, I'm your GOTO girl.  

Why am I doing this? 

I'm part of the One Funnel Away challenge and Russel mentioned that i was the who to someone. For me, this is about getting extra income in the door so I can continue to grow my business.Setting up Facebook ads is something I actually geek out over and have considerable expertise. 

Refund policy: 

If after the initial intake, you or I believe it's not a good fit, I will issue a refund minus the $97 intake fee. You will still walk away with your full strategy. 

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