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Copywriting/Blog Writer
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Do you recognise the importance of having blogs on your industry and niche but struggle to really come up with ideas and actually write the blogs yourself?

Or maybe you’ve written your own blogs before but you just don’t get many people reading and engaging with them, making it a waste of time?

Then I can help! I’m an avid blogger and blog every single day on the platform Medium as well as on my own website, and for many of my clients who operate in different industries and niches. Recently on Medium I have been invited to write for it's largest publication called Startup with well over 450,000 active readers, and I was also selected by Mediums curators to be a Featured Writer on their Startup topic. I cannot link to any of this here, however if you'd like proof of my blogging credentials don't hesitate to message me and I'll send over links! 

I will:

-Write a 1,000 word blog on any topic you want

-Carry out all research to the topic and write a blog that people will want to keep on reading

-And write a title that will really draw in your target audience.

-Proof read and spell check the entire blog

As a thank you for your order, I’ll provide you with a free image that I believe would work well for your audience and your new blog, which will definitely help attract more readers.

The blog provided is 100% guaranteed to be brand new, not copied from competitors or recycled from clients and will be aimed exactly for your target audience.

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about 2 months ago
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2 months ago
Great job. Thank you!
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3 months ago
Very professional, quick to respond, and fast delivery. I will be using "The Mareketeer" again.
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Online About 3 hours ago



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Hey - I'm Dan Todd, also known as The Marketeer and I specialise in the optimisation of digital marketing methods including Facebook Ads, Funnels, Google Ads, Websites, Organic Social Media and Live Events/Webinars. For more info on me visit www.themarketeer.info

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