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Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

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1 day on average
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Do you want to start running Facebook Ads but are not sure how to word the copy on your Ads so they appeal to your target audience and generate great results?

Or maybe you’ve written copy for your Facebook Ads in the past but they just haven’t performed anyway near as much as you hoped?

Then I can help! I've written copy for my clients Ads and my own which have spent well over $800,000 in the last 3 years and that have generated huge numbers of leads and sales with an amazing return on investment. 

I will write you:

-5 amazing and different ad copy

-Including the Ads main text box, description, display link and call to action.  

As a thank you for your order, I’m giving to you a copy of my Facebook Ad Optimisation Collection. This collection which I sell for $50 includes:

-A copy of my eBook: Facebook Ads: How To Improve Conversions, Sales & Profit By Optimising Your Facebook Ads

-A copy of my guide: Facebook Ad Audience Builder

-A copy of my Facebook Ad Optimisation Template in a spreadsheet

-AND, copies of three further guides: The A-Z Of Facebook Ads, The 9 Key Components to Facebook Ads and the Who, What, Why, Where & How of Facebook Ads

All copy written and provided is 100% guaranteed to be brand new, not copied from competitors or recycled from clients and completely compliant with Facebooks advertising rules.

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4 months ago
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5 months ago
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6 months ago
Great turn around time and also response time! Copy was exactly what this introvert needed.
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<p>Hey - I'm Dan Todd, also known as The Marketeer and I specialise in helping businesses grow. If you have a product or service you want to get out to the world, I can help. If you don't a service I offer that you need, feel free to message me to find out if I can help. </p>

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