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I will help YOU Write your first Origin Story or Epiphany Bridge Story

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

“If the book is true, it will find an audience that is meant to read it.”

— Wally Lamb

I will share with you my eBook and walk you thru', step by step to make your story blossom

My 12 Steps to write your first Origin Story, even if you have never wrote a story before.

“I am Dyslexic,

I CAN NOT write jokes or stories that I can perform on stage as a comedian!”,

was my reply to my friend Neil when he dared me to write comedy and perform it on stage! (This was Shy Jerry (SJ) talking aloud! )

Then the other little voice in my brain, Positive Jerry (PJ), reminded me of something I learned a couple of days before.

“We use the words “I CAN NOT” too much. What would happen if you rewired your brain. Instead of saying “I CAN NOT”. Ask the question, “HOW CAN I?”

OK PJ, Smartie pants, “HOW CAN I write and perform comedic stories and standup Comedy?”

The answer was actually a lot simpler than I expected.

I’ll come back to that later,

This was 2008.

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

― Sylvia Plath

Now over a decade later, in my 12 Simple Steps to Write your first Origin Story or Epiphany Bridge, even if you never wrote a story before, I want to share what I have learned in my journey. Learning to write and communicate like a professional. A journey from Dyslexic D Student, to prize-winning comedian and story writer...

Pick up the Gig below. 

Back when I was dared, I knew no one that had done anything like this. It always seemed like magic any comedians that I have seen.

At 23 I found out that I was dyslexic,

and it was another year before I could spell it,

And another 5 years before I could spell dyslexic.

From that time in School I was told, I was bad at spelling => bad at writing => Bad at Public Speaking. Or as I used to call it, pubic speaking.

But now I know this wasn’t the case at all.

I just didn’t have the proper systems to write well or learn to speak publicly. The systems I needed. 

And remember all those fancy big words that we are supposed to use in School?

Well if you use them in the real world, people will not be able to read them either. Most people will actually just move on to the next thing.

NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $149 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

So get started below

Earlier I mentioned, PJ, he was reminding me of what I was learning at NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programing, It is a type of Psychology, kind of like positive thinking. And one of the points that was made to me was that we use the words “I CAN NOT” too much in our lives.

As children, we want to be Astronauts, Presidents of the US, you name it, we want to be it. We don’t use the word CAN'T. But as we “grow up” some “grown-ups” unconsciously wear us down, to their reality and their negativity. And by the time we become adults, Our default position is that “I CAN NOT” do it, Rather than “I CAN” or “HOW CAN I?”

Can you relate?

So if we want to change in our lives then we need to change “I CAN NOT” to “How can I”.

OK, Smarty Pants PJ.


So I wrote down the following 3 Steps. Do:

  1. An Acting Course
  2. An Improv Comedy Course
  3. A Comedy Writing Course.

So over the next 1 and half years I did these courses and at the end of it I had my 5 minutes on Stage.

This was the hardest thing I ever did, just harder than giving up cigarettes, but that is a story for another day.

I had Mindmaps to remind me of the order of stories and jokes. I practised and practised. I recorded an audio of my script on my phone and played it 100s of times.

Saying the joke, then hearing the joke.

I practised walking up on stage in my mind and what I would do if I forgot or there was a heckler.

To this day, I still remember the walk up to the stage and being on the stage. The big bright warm spotlight on my face. The mic stand!

If only I could hide behind it.

No there was no place to hide.

So I did what I practised.

The gig went pretty well. People enjoyed it and told me afterwards.

I didn’t sleep that night till 3am I was so hyped up after it.

NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $149 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

So get started below

Now I had done 1, why would I stop and I just kept doing some gigs. Over the next 2 years, I performed about 10 to 20 gigs. Got to the final of a comedian competition in Dublin, Ireland. Winning my heat of 10 comedians.

All this came from a dare and an openness to try.

Are you going to keep saying “I CAN NOT” write my Origin Story?

Or are you going to say “HOW CAN I?”

As I was doing the gigs I kept tweaking and writing my jokes and a funny thing happened. I realised that I actually liked writing and could be quite good at it.

The school system has a lot to answer for, ingraining in me that I couldn’t write and that I couldn’t pubic speak.

So I started thinking, there must be a lot of people like me out there, who think that they cann’t write but just don’t have the proper systems in place to be able to do it.

Do you have the system to write?

So today for this job I am going to share my system for writing Origin Stories and Epiphany Bridge Stories.


I have met a lot of interesting people because of this and I have helped them complete their origin stories.

But more importantly, I have made some entrepreneurial-minded friends. But the cost of me write their stories is too expensive for some people and I want to enable people to write their own stories.

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

So check out my 12 Simple Steps to Write your first Origin Story or Epiphany Bridge, even if you never wrote a story before”

For the first few people to take advantage, once you have completed the questionnaire, I will support you by message to get your story to the next level. Up to 5 questions. Which is like having a story writer looking over your shoulder guiding your pen. All be it a Dyslexic Story Writer. :-)

Check out the 12 Steps and let's do this together.

Questions and Answers

Why is this so cheap?

At the moment, I want to get reviews on Funnelrolodex. I will be putting up the price with each review, So if you are interested best pick it up now!

Will you guarantee that I will be able to write my Story? 

There is no guarantee here. At the end of the day, this is up to you. I will be delighted to guide you, as you work through your story. But you will have to do the work yourself. If you want me to take your words and rework them, please purchase the extras.

NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $149 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

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almost 3 years ago
Jerry's initial advice on how to write the origin story was great. To tell the truth that's NOT why I bought this service from him! The real reason was to get his feedback on what I'd actually written. That's fantastic for me as a solopreneur who gets so close to his work that I find it really useful to be able to bounce my work of an expert like Jerry. Great insights! Great guy.
Medium jerry bussiness
Jerry J O Brien
Online About 1 month ago



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