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FULL Sales Funnel Copy (up to 4 pgs)!!!

Copywriting/General Copywriting
29 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >
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***Back to my full price now that OFA is over...yes, you can get this for cheaper on the Rolodex...but discounted prices are usually coming from inexperienced copywriters, which is fine! We all start somewhere...but if you want a proven funnel copywriter for your funnel, let's work together***

Testimonial from Rachel S. Lee, 2 Comma Club Winner, Dream Car Winner, and IMPACT Business Incubator Creator (I'm the Copy Coach in her program:

"I really wanted to thank Heidi...not only was it really great copy, and the copy converts and is making me sales and money, but it also took a huge weight off my shoulders. I was worried that if I had someone else do it it wasn't going to sound like me--but all the copy totally sounds like me and is perfect for my target audience."

Testimonial from Marianne Daughtery, therapist coach and multiple 6-figure business owner:

"I contacted Heidi because I needed a rewrite of my website copy. We met on the phone and discussed my needs and she made some great suggestions including the idea to create an email sequence that I could put on my website. She took the time to get to know my story and was really able to capture what I was wanting to convey to potential clients in a clear and concise way. It feels like such a relief to get this project off my plate! Thank you, Heidi! "

Hey, are you a service-based business person with endless ideas who loves the thrill of launching products???

But, you DON'T love (or have time for) the onerous process of writing those perfect sentences that cleverly encapsulate your offer, WHY you're the expert your audience should be buying from, and exactly HOW it will benefit them?

You're not alone. Writing copy is hard. It's why Russell often talks about how you DON'T have to do everything yourself, and that good copy can cost up to $20K!!!

You can use Funnel Scripts, or even better, you can hire an expert wordsmith like me who actually enjoys the process, and has written just about every type of copy there is in a 20+ year career span! A software script can't tell a story, make everything flow together or create a unified feel to ALL your launch copy. I can!

I've written landing page copy, product descriptions, Facebook ads, print ad taglines, blogs, social media posts, infographics, ebooks, case studies, email sequences that convert...you name it, I've probably written it.

I started building Clickfunnels over 2 years ago, and write all my own copy for my different funnels, and offer this service to others. I now have a bank of happy clients (ask me for work samples) I've created converting sales page copy for. Let me take this off your plate so you can get back to creating and making money!!!

Here's what you'll get:

> Copy for your entire funnel that encapsulates your unique brand and voice (I customize each piece of copy to fit your unique voice, there are no templates!)--up to 3000 words for your sales page (long-form sales letters are a higher price)

> Language for your offer that grabs attention and HOOKS your ideal customers in

> Two rounds of edits

Email me for examples of my work (we can no longer include links in service descriptions).

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Digital marketing pro, copywriter, and Founder of digital marketing agency Cipher Collective. I'm passionate about helping Creative Entrepreneurs increase their influence so they can positively impact the world. My newest offering is to write email sequences and sales funnel copy for your offer.

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