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🚀🔥Let's Build You a Killer Funnel🚀🔥 Stop Worrying About Making It Work - Let that be my worry.

Funnel Building/Custom Funnel Build
4 days estimated (4 days guaranteed) >
24 days on average
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Before I introduce who I am outside of the rolodex - let me talk briefly about my journey on the platform.

Ok... So, here's the deal. I have been building websites and funnels for over 10 years and KNOW how to make them look great and function seamlessly.

Truth is - I have been a top tier seller on this platform for over 2 years - applying myself to ecover designs and logo design alone.

I would do some funnel builds here and there - custom projects mainly, after setting up a zoom call. But, never set out to launch my own funnel build service for one simple reason - work life balance.

I take what I do very seriously - and make sure what I put out - is top notch. So, before launching a funnel build service - I wanted to make sure what I was doing was just that - top notch.

And, im not here to say this because i think I'm great - this is what others say about my other services.

So - here we are - at a point where I feel comfortable to start offering my help with your funnel. What kind of design?

Well - Funnels - ecommerce websites - wordpress - shopify - you name it - I've built with it.

So - that's great and all - but, what EXACTLY is included in this Funnel Build? Well...


My price INCLUDES:

  1. One Custom Lead Magnet Opt-In Page
  2. One Offer Page
  3. Check Out Page
  4. Thank You Page


  • Design
  • Formatting
  • image implementation
  • favicon and metadata updates
  • link page connections - page to page - (not program integration)
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Email integration (integrating - not creating email campaigns)
  • Any necessary photoshop adjustments to photos or logos on site
  • SEO (on-site only - no offsite backlinks or any social links)
  • Site Tags
  • Facebook Pixel Integration (Facebook Tracking)


This service does NOT include copywriting - happy to chat about it as an option - but not something included as is.

This service does NOT include domain connecting from outside domain services -

Need something more? Reach out, let's chat about your project.

My design style for everything I do is simple... Literally... Simple design - nothing flashy - and my mindset behind it is that - it shouldn't be - when you're selling your customer on your service, brand or product - you want that to sell itself - compounded with strong web understanding on my part - the site is there to do one thing - convert your lookers into buyers and the best way to do so is through a very clean, modern and bold design.

If you have something in mind but unsure whether I can do it, reach out!

What do I need:

  • First - I will need a folder including your logos, site text, any website images you want used (product images etc)
  • Please also include your Facebook pixel to be integrated (if you have one)
  • Please send me any requirements you have, including any specific images you want used, your logo,
  • ALL copywriting for the funnel - this service does NOT include copyrighting - it is the design and function only
  • Send any ideas you have about other funnels you have seen that you love etc.
  • Your login information for the funnel - or, add me as user of the account.

Still unsure about me? I get it...If you want to know more about me as a human, check me out below :)

Like I said, I have been a designer for over 10 years. I have ran a number of graphic design shops, stores, online and retail and absolutely love the relationship I get to build with my customers.


So, who am I?


Name is James, Consumer of all things web and this whole journey really started one cold morning driving 35 minutes to a job I hated, to work the next 8 hours of that day for a boss I didn't like just to come home too tired to focus on anything else. But, before we get into that, here I am.


This is me and my wife - the love of my life. We recently got married in a castle...in the middle of Ireland...surreal. This was the happiest day of my life and even writing about it now gives me chills remembering how amazing it all was.


Here we are that night. WOW, what a day...Full of smiles and tears (none of those tears were mine of course)...


Ok… Back to my story...I spent years in this job, the job I hated. I did this to provide everything I could for my wife. Just to see that smile. Quitting was always a dream and something I had been telling myself for months "OH, ONE OF THESE DAYS I’M GOING TO QUIT". 


My wife was always supportive and could see it tearing me down physically and emotionally. She would tell me almost daily, James...You need to quit, I don't like seeing you this way...we'll figure it out...

Well, that day finally came and it was the best feeling ever...I woke up that morning and as I was driving into work listening to my anthem at the time "Mr. Rager" by Kid Cudi (one of the best in my opinion). I felt the anxiety coming on, HEAVY... My watch buzzed, telling me to take a deep breath your heart rate is elevated and that’s when it hit me...Life is too short. Something we always say, but rarely act on...So I walked in that morning and put in two weeks...no job lined up, no prospects, nothing; but yet I felt great and was ready to tackle anything.

My back was against the wall, time to see what I was made of.

Quitting was the easy part...Now it was time to throw myself into what I loved...Graphic Design...Remember, I have been a graphic designer for over 10 years and have a degree in Architectural Design... Did I mention... I LOVE GRAPHIC DESIGN - I have worked with so many people, I have lost count. There is nothing quite like seeing my customers face light up when they get their work back. For them to see what they were trying to explain to me actually on paper is so humbling to me.


I took the One Funnel Away Challenge offered by Click Funnels and saw a MASSIVE opportunity. The majority of the people coming into the funnel challenge were trying to get book covers done, and a number of these individuals needed help from others to get them done! I saw too many people getting frustrated with their e-covers and designs so I wanted to offer an opportunity to get them done - high quality for a great price.

As a passionate designer, I couldn't stand for it, for people getting frustrated and overwhelmed on things THEY CAN't CONTROL! I know how much work goes into each and every one of these funnel builds and for someone else to give you little to no time at all just tears me apart. That's why I wanted to put out this offer...To give EVERYONE an opportunity to have high quality design on a budget. Let me work with you...


I only want the best for you and your funnel, so PLEASE reach out to me with any questions you have before starting. I did this for my wife, and I know you have a reason you’re doing this so I want to be able to help you. I am not here to rush things, I am here to do them right.



❗️Whats included❗️

  • design
  • formatting
  • image implementation
  • favicon and metadata changes
  • link page connections - page to page - (not program integration)
  • any necessary photoshop adjustments to photos or logos on site
  • SEO (on-site only - no offsite backlinks or any social links)

❗️What is your Turn Around❗️

10 Days

❗️What Are Your Requirements❗️

  • Please send me any requirements you have, including any specific images you want used, your logo,
  • Send any ideas you have about other funnels you have seen that you love etc.
  • all copyrighting information
  • videos links for the funnel



It’s super simple to order... It honestly takes less than 5 minutes

✅Click the link below

✅Fill out your order information

✅Provide me with your requirements


If you’re ready to get started, you can do so here -------->


P.S. It takes less than 5 minutes to begin transforming your website and start building its foundation. These are proven methods to help boost your perceived value. Trust me, the perceived value of what I am designing for you here is MUCH more than the cost of it.


P.P.S. So, if you’re really looking to transform your online look and feel, this is the last place you need to look.

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about 1 year ago
Communication to me is everything. This seller starts off with absolutely great communication!! He sends you a free zoom invite to discuss what you would like in your design and so far. I just loved that rapport!! It really got things off to an excellent start however as the funnel building stage begins communication falls off the cliff. He doesn't reply to messages for days sometimes a full week which was horrible for it turned a 2week bridge funnel into a one month project!! Insane! I was so frustrated but I must say the design was so so good! I absolutely love his work. He is so professionally kind and he really makes a point to apologize all the time for the long wait. He gives no reasons for WHY you are waiting so long for a bridge funnel so one is left puzzled on WHY things are taking so long but his mannerisms are so sweet it really helps to take off the edge. YES I would recommend this designer if you have no time frame for your funnel launch and have the patience to wait. His designs are really good and you may find it all worth the wait. Stay in prayer, be humble and Enjoy the process with this designer because it may be a long one with an absolutely great finish! God Bless!
Default avatar
about 1 year ago
Very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the process a few times until I understood. Gave constructive feedback on how to improve my product.
Default avatar
over 1 year ago
Default avatar
over 1 year ago
Did exactly what I asked to be done! Did a great job!
Default avatar
over 1 year ago
James is awesome! Very professional, very smart and easy to work with. Gary Schweitzer
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James Parker
Online About 1 month ago



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Name is James, Consumer of all things web and LOVER of design. I have been a graphic / visual designer for over 10 years with a background in architectural design. I went from designing built environment, to designing digital environment.

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