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Which ClickFunnel is right for YOU (and your business)?

Funnel Strategy/Strategy Call
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NEW JOB DISCOUNT- More details below.

I understand You

You are sitting at your computer,

Reading this,

You want to maximise your ClickFunnels Trial and you don’t know whether to go for the 

  • ClickFunnels Bronze Package,
  • ClickFunnels Plus Actionetics,
  • FunnelHacks or
  • LadyBoss?

Then you could also start with One Funnel Away, if you haven’t done so already.

I understand!

Do you integrate with Sparkpost or Sendgrid?

But you read in the groups about about Email Service Providers Autoreponders like Aweber, Mail Chimp, Active Campaigns integrating with Clickfunnels.

“What the Hell?”

I thought you could send emails thru’ ClickFunnels?

What do I really need?

Does this sound like you?

Well I will love to give you my unbiased answer.

NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $99 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

Get started below on this 10 Minutes 1 to 1 Consultation Call,

If you are looking for extra time, please review the extras towards the bottom of the page.

But first, let me tell you why I am doing this.

I want to help you start the right way.

As Online Marketers and Affiliate Marketers, we have enough considerations, about Traffic, Conversions and Sales, than to be worried about what we are going to integrate with our Systems.

And worse again,

Starting with the wrong system and having to take time from traffic generation to have to move from one system to another.

At the start, I didn’t realise the time it takes to move from 1 system to another.

Getting this wrong, is kind of like having to move virtual home!

Think packing boxes and then moving and unpacking.

Then you have to remember which box you put your toothbrush in!

Needle in a haystack comes to mind.

If you have ever moved house you will remember.

I understand because I have been there.

I have moved Email Service Provider 4 times and tested about 3 others and Funnel Page Provider 4 times.

I have moved between Ireland and Mexico and back 4 times in the last 3 years with my family.

I know about packing and unpacking! 

Before I jumped in with Clickfunnels, I questioned myself,

Am I making the right decision?

If I pull the trigger on Clickfunnels, will I be happy with this in the future?

But I didn’t have a place to find the answers.

Do you feel like this?

Well, after we talk you will be a lot more informed than I ever was and can make your own decision given my experience.

I believe it is more important to start than it is to get it right the first time, but maybe you can be more educated before deciding on the system that will run your business. 

You want to get this right,

Or as right as possible.

Not just accepting the sales jargon of anyone, including me.

Take all the information and evaluate for yourself.

My online story didn’t start with ClickFunnels (unfortunately)

Well ClickFunnels wasn’t around when I started.

I started with a HTML Landing page connected to Mail Chimp.

Converted at 3% with my first paid traffic. Yes, it needed a bit of tweaking to say the least. :-)

Played around with this that for a while and then moved to an all in one Solution.

Tip, All in one solution don’t integrate well with others and they may be “all in one!” but they are rarely the best at one! :-)

Think “Jack of all trades master of none!”

Tip I know that most solutions give you a free Trial, but use that trial to test. I’ll tell you more about that later.

After alot of trial and error of other software Solutions I came to ClickFunnels, it cost more than the other options, but if it is the best at what it does then it will be worth it.

I knew that it provides an email solution too, but after my experience with others, I knew I needed to test the deliverability of Sparkpost and Sendgrid.

So in the first 2 weeks, I set up Clickfunnels and Sparkpost, my current (at the time) ESP solution and 2 other which had been reliably recommended to me. I sent 10 emails to different addresses from each of the systems.

The results were shocking.

One provider delivered 100% to my inbox, 2 delivered about 50% of the emails and 1 actually delivered 0% emails to my inbox.

That is right a big fat Zero!

I’ll tell you all about it on the call!

I am not saying you will get the same results, because there are a lot of unique factors that will be different from you and I. IP Address, email address, email content etc.

But what I am saying is Test,

Test and Test some more!

Don’t assume that because someone says it’s the best,

That it is the best for you.

Get started below on this 10 Minutes 1 to 1 Consultation Call

NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $99 Discounted to $10 at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

Today, I am really happy with Clickfunnels and an integration. I don’t see myself moving but I do have a backup solution too. (It is important not to have a single point of failure, I also automatically back up every email address as people sign up using zapier. ( Ask me about it if you like)

I have automations set up unsubscribe people who don’t open or haven’t opened an email in 3 months. I have others to tell me some one is engaging alot with my emails. So that I can send them a personal video.

Let me know your questions and I will help as much as I can.

More about me

I help Entrepreneurs manoeuvre the maze that is the online marketing world since 2011

I have 23 years experience in Software Sales.

I worked with IBM and Microsoft. I helped over 40 companies and entrepreneurs get their best message out to their target clients. I have written email campaigns to 10,000+ B2B companies.

I built email automation sequences with over 50 emails. I created landing pages with over 40% signup from paid traffic. I created and launched automated webinars and my own JVZoo hosted Product.

I have invested 10s of 1000 into training and coaching in the online marketing and affiliate marketing industry.

I helped 1 client 2.5x their turnover to over 5 million dollars.


Message us with any questions.

Tools I have worked with:- Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, ClickFunnels, Get Response, Aweber, Active Campaign, Instapages, leads Pages, Sendlane, Mailchimp. Sparkpost.

Mentors: Todd Brown, Russel Brunson, Ben Settle, André Chaperon

NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $99 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

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Default avatar
7 months ago
Default avatar
8 months ago
Thanks Jerry
Default avatar
8 months ago
Great job and help. Super value for the money. Thank you.
Thumb tom profile tight
8 months ago
Highly Recommend Jerry, He will be there & support you in your journey Even if you made mistakes in the past or need more direction, he'll be there & support Thanks & good luck to everyone Tom
Thumb portrait alicia1
9 months ago
Wow, Jerry blew me away with his knowledge and generosity. What are you waiting for? Call him!!
Thumb jerry bussiness
8 months ago
Hi Alicia, 

Thank you so much for your kind words. I look forward to talking to you again! 
Default avatar
10 months ago
Stellar service. Jerry really knows what he's talking about, and answered all my questions. His advice was very helpful and saved me money which I might have invested in services I don't need for the moment. Explained clearly some tech stuff as well as some tips around marketing. In addition, he's a lovely guy to work with, warm and friendly and it's clear he cares about giving the best value to the customer. Jerry's top on my list for future work.
Thumb jerry bussiness
8 months ago
Hi Katie,

Thank you! Great working with you too! I look forward to working with you again soon! Jerry 
Default avatar
10 months ago
Jerry is an absolute star. Great guy with a great deal of knowledge. Gave me far more time on the phone than he'd agreed to. Lots of feedback on the questions I asked him and lots of proactive advice, highly recommended. Brilliant attitude.
Thumb jerry bussiness
10 months ago
Hi Simon,

Thank you so much! 

This review is amazing! 

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to helping you more as you requested. 

Default avatar
10 months ago
Thumb jerry bussiness
10 months ago
Hi Dev,

Thank you for your review. 

I look forward to working with you again as you suggested. 

Talk then.

Medium jerry bussiness
Jerry J O Brien
Online 2 days ago



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I help Entrepreneurs win. 23 years experience in Business Development. including Online Marketing, Marketing and Direct Sales & Partnering. I worked with IBM & Microsoft. I have also help 20+ companies grow. helped one client 2.5x their turnover to over 5m. Message me any Questions

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