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I will Create WOW Statement for your Facebook Page

5 days estimated (5 days guaranteed) >
9 days on average
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NEW JOB DISCOUNT - More details below.

I will create an amazing WOW elevator pitch, that will be ready to use that will win you new business!

For example, my personal pitch is:-

I have 23 years experience in, Marketing and Business Development, including Sales Funnel Strategy, Marketing and Direct Sales & Partnering.

I worked with some of the largest Brands in the world, including IBM & Microsoft. I helped another 20+ companies, grow and win new business.

I helped one client 2.5x their turnover to over 5m and I grew sales for another from 0 to over 1 million turnover in 3 years.

Personally, I also tackled some of my weaknesses and with NLP and performing Standup Comedy! 

NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $99 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

So get started below today.

Here's How this job works:

Once selected, You will be asked a series of questions that will form the bases for your story.

I will then review and come back with some further questions to “ Go Deeper” into certain parts of your story.

This may happen, 2 or 3 times.

Once I have all the information that I require. I will take your information and re structure it and create a compelling introduction based on the information that you have provided.


OK to now, lets get started, purchase the job and Let’s do this together.

Please message me with any questions you might have.

NEW JOB - NORMAL PRICE $99 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!

So get started below today.

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8 months ago
Súper insightful. Jerry is very knowledge and I’m glad I ordered. I’ll definitely reorder again. Surpassed my expectations.
Thumb jerry bussiness
8 months ago
Hi Chad,

Thank you for the business. Very professional to work with! I look forward to hearing from you again.

Medium jerry bussiness
Jerry J O Brien
Online About 13 hours ago



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I help Entrepreneurs win. 23 years experience in Business Development. including Online Marketing, Marketing and Direct Sales & Partnering. I worked with IBM & Microsoft. I have also help 20+ companies grow. helped one client 2.5x their turnover to over 5m. Message me any Questions

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