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Developing Your 30 Day Challenge Daily Content

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You know your niche audience would love to participate in a 30 Day Challenge. 

That's awesome.

The problem is, a 30 Day Challenge is designed to get your niche customer ready and prepared to buy something BIGGER from you when they complete the 30 days.

QUESTION: What exactly do you focus on each day for those 30 days to get them ready to buy from you?

ANSWER: Each daily challenge supports a weekly goal. Each weekly goal supports the final 30 day goal.

Here's the problem, however.

You MUST know each step of the journey your ideal client needs to take in order to achieve the results they want. Otherwise, your 30 day challenge will fall flat and not produce any results for them.

By working with Terry Hansen he will help you develop an solid 30 Day Challenge Structure that will help your niche client achieve the results they want and get you highly qualified customers at the end of the 30 days! 

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Schedule a complementary discovery call with Terry Hansen regarding... 1) Developing your "Irresistible Offer" 2) Designing content for your 30 Day Challenges, video courses, audio programs, blog posts, etc 3) Coaching to know what you should to sell [email protected]

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