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Special OFA Done For You Technical Funnel Support For Your OFA Challenge

Funnel Building/Custom Funnel Build
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4 days on average
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How To Get A Part-Time Funnel Builder Working On Your Technical Challenges During The 'One Funnel Away' For Less Than $100

 Are you in the 'One Funnel Away Challenge'? and does it feel like drinking from a firehouse on everything that you need to learn and implement?

After helping literally 100's of FunnelHackers launch their funnels, you know what Is holding every single 1 of them back?

The technical part!

Yes, even though Clickfunnels is awesome and completely changing the landscape in how we build our businesses (yup, we also drink the Kool-aid) it's still tough to get everything setup.

Even Russell knows the power of "the who" not "the how" and we're here to be your WHO!

There is the part that we just absolutely LOVE figuring out, things like; - our HOOKS to get our community to listen to us - our STORIES that allows people to see us as real humans and connect with us - our OFFERs that actually solves an issue in the marketplace and is making us tha 'moolah' - servicing our customers and hearing them share their successes - overall just changing the world with our message.

But nothing is more demotivating then going 'live' with a campaign and then....Crickets. OR even worse, actually making sales with your funnel just to check your Facebook Page and seeing you get 1 & 2 star reviews because people are NOT able to even access their product.

But wait, don't my customers know I have Clickfunnels™ and that they receive an automated email that sends them all the details to access my products?
Well, yes... but because; - the SMTP isn't setup so people don't receive their access emails - the DNS & CNAME isn't properly setup so people see the dreaded 'This Site Can't Be Reached' so they won't be able to login. - your AUTORESPONDER isn't integrated so none of the leads will see your follow-up emails; - actually, all of this isn't whitelabeled to your hosting so all your emails are going to SPAM anyway. - you missed out on an average of 2/3rd of your funnel revenue cause your UPSELL/OTO buttons aren't setup properly so nobody is able to even purchase your higher-end products.

We've seen all sorts of little (and sometimes not so little) issues that can stop your funnel launch in it's tracks.

What if during the challenge you can have a FunnelFixer for you on standby that will help you for a full HOUR per DAY* with ANY technical funnel challenge you have?

Our average client needs 6 Funnel Fix'es PER funnel.

That's without considering a big launch, which 1 of our clients required us to Funnel Fix over 45 issues... And just 1 of those could have created an Achilles heel for his funnel and limited his results. Just for 'One Funnel Away Challengers' and ONLY on the Funnel Rolodex, we are Funnel Fix It and we'll be in your corner for any technical issues or just when you need to get something technically done.

Claim your personal FunnelFixer for just $97

Purchase this gig now.

And we'll include these free bonuses.

Bonus #1: Clickfunnels account checklist review ($47 value) Every new account has around 6 things that needs to be setup to have all the features fully functioning and branded to your company, we'll do a review of everything to ensure that everything is setup properly

Bonus #2: Priority Turnaround Guaranteed ($69 Value) Get every standard* FunnelFix guaranteed turnaround time within 24 hours FunnelFixed Guaranteed or Double Your Money Back

All the tasks you push out to us are guaranteed to be fixed, or we give 200% your money back AND we'll find and farm it out to another company and the costs are on us.

#1 Ultimate Funnel Launch Checklist test & review ($497 value) only $97 - we'll put your funnel THROUGH THE RINGER! Normally reserved for our X Plan Customers doing a massive launch, Nathan, our founder and High 6-figure Agency Owner, multi-2 comma client manager, will get on Loom and go through a strategic review of your funnel for you.

*Price is for 1 task, roughly 1 hour of Expert Clickfunnels work.
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over 1 year ago
As a newbie I didn't understand half of the technical language you use. Thanks for the help and I'm sure Ill be back for more.
Thumb 2008 11 26 20.55.30
over 1 year ago
Caan I get my ZOHO account connected to Click Funnels with this?
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Funnel Fix It
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The ORIGINAL Unlimited Premium Clickfunnels Support agency, since 2016. Need to make Clickfunnels do something new, funky, amazing, fun, pretty, tricky, or more? That's us. We can get Clickfunnels to do almost anything, with anything, connected to anything. We're a global agency, 24/7

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