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SMTP Integration with Click Funnels can be frustrating.

Stop worrying! We are here to help you out.

We'll integrate SMTP providers like

  • SendGrid
  • Mailchimp
  • Etc.

So, you can start sending emails to your contacts.

What we will do?

  •  We will integrate your SMTP with Click Funnels account. by adding in the DNS and Cname into your account.
  •  We will verify and secure your domain in Click Funnels so, you can use this to send emails.

What do we need from you?

Please provide us with your login details (User ID and Password) for the following:

  1.    SMTP (Email) Provider Account 
  2.    Added as a sub user (admin rights) found Here


3 . Domain Registrar Account, Where you bought your domain (GoDaddy, Google Domain, etc.)

4.   Your domain name with which SMTP integration is required to be done.

5. Your address that you want to have on your email footer for Spam.

  1.    The name you want your email to go out under.

Note: This information is necessary for us to do your work.

* Working days are Monday to Friday. We are in Pacific Time Zone so please make note of this when placing order.

** Delivery time depends upon Client Communication regarding the requirements and delivery of required information.

***US based service provider

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over 2 years ago
Irving was outstanding!!! He worked quickly and communication was excellent! Overall a pleasant experience and now my CF and SMTP and DNS and email ... and... well I don't know what I'm saying, all I know is everything just works!! Thank you Irving!!
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Irving Tryon
Online 13 days ago



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