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Get leads and sales using proven frameworks | Facebook and Instagram ads

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Skip the guesswork, trial-and-error, and never-ending mess of trying to figure everything out yourself – And instead, grow your business with the proven framework and scientific customer acquisition method, even if you have a small budget.

If you are here, you probably:

  1. Your ad campaign is not getting the results you want.
  2. Or you are thinking about the traffic part and you haven’t launched your campaign yet.

Either way, you are in the right place…

You won’t have to repeat the mistakes most entrepreneurs make when launching a paid advertising campaign that stops them from getting results

You can take the shortcut and save both your time and money.

The idea of driving traffic sounds so simple, or at least that's how they make it sound. But in reality, it’s not.

Let me know if you can relate to one of these:

  • You are already busy with business or have a 9-5 job. You don’t have time to spend hours learning about paid advertising, then test different strategies and campaigns to crack the code and make it work.

  • You open your ads manager, and you feel lost and overwhelmed. You don’t know what type of campaign to create, how to set up the pixel properly, what type of ad creative to use to get the best results, etc. And you feel stuck

  • You are great at what you do but tech, advertising, and selling aren't one of your strengths. You think you’ll probably just mess it up and end up donating your money to Mark-Facebook CEO.

  • You feel frustrated because ads keep getting disapproved, and you don’t know why or how to fix it. It feels even worst knowing someone else is advertising a similar offer to yours.

  • You run ads (yourself or hired someone), but you aren’t happy with the results. You feel even more frustrated when you see your competitor’s ads crushing it and stealing your potential customers while you are just burning money and falling behind.

  • You have an idea about paid traffic, but you want reassurance. You want to get it right from the get-go so you don’t waste your time and money.

First of all, let me say this, it’s not your fault. Facebook wasn’t thinking about small business owners and solo entrepreneurs like you when they were building the ad platform. They built it for the big boys who spend ten thousand dollars and more each day on advertising.

Second, If your situation sounds similar to one ( or more ) of the above then don’t worry, you are not alone.

More than 200 clients that I helped were in the same situation as you and had similar roadblocks.


That’s why I can help you using the quick win framework to:

1. Avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs (like you) make that keep them stuck and spinning their wheels. 

2. Save weeks and hundreds of dollars you would waste testing and figuring things out.

3. Give you peace of mind and reassurance knowing your campaign and pixel are set up properly, and you will get it right from the get-go.

The quick win framework was the result of hundreds of campaigns, tests, and data points. While working with different types of businesses from lead generation, small local businesses, courses/coaching, and eCommerce.

Add to that the in-depth training I took to become an official Facebook partner, Google partner, and Clickfunnels partner.

What makes this framework so effective is:

It helps you get the low-hanging fruits and focus our resources on the highest ROI to bring you cash flow fast, so you reinvest and scale profitably.

For example, Caroline reached out to me recently, saying she hired someone to create and manage her Facebook ad campaign for 2 weeks.

But after 5 days, she noticed that she was barely getting any leads, let alone sales. 

And after I asked her about some numbers to get an idea about the campaign… I told her to stop the campaign immediately! Because she was paying like 15 times more than she should be for the leads.

We jumped on a call, and we created a new campaign using the quick win framework and launched it.

2 days later, I received an email (and attached the screenshot below ) from her telling me that the campaign was doing much much better. She Went from paying $70 per lead to $2-$3 per lead.

And this is just one of many clients who got great results using the quick framework (which I’m constantly updating and improving to keep up with any Facebook changes) 

Here's another example, the quick win framework helped Randy to get 400% ROI in his first campaign.

$1 in ad spend $4 out in profit.

Here's what you gonna get:

The quick win framework (value $997)

My secret sauce took me months and hundreds of tests and data to develop.

Plus I’m consistently updating it to keep up with any changes.

Here are some of the things that we will cover:

1. The 80/20 Placements rule

Did you know that Facebook ads have 20 different placements where your ad can appear and are all selected by default?

So you launch your ad campaign with a $20/day ad budget, Facebook will “sprinkle” your $20 on all 20 placements. 

And the crazy part, only 4 of those 20 placements will be responsible for delivering 80% of the results (leads/sales). The rest will just burn your money or deliver little results.

2. How to stop your competitor from taking advantage of your pixel setup and stealing your potential customers.

3. The number 1 mistake you can make when creating your campaign. Even if you get everything else right, your campaign will fail miserably, and you will have to start all over again if you make this common mistake nobody talks about.

James -one of my clients- has made this mistake when creating his campaign. He spent $500 and didn’t get any results! 

And the worst part? We couldn’t even make use of the data, so we had to start with a new campaign and pixel.

We created a new campaign using the quick win framework and kept everything else the same, same ads, same targeting, same funnel, and he started getting results the same day he launched the campaign.

4. You are your biggest competitor!

If you don’t set up your ad campaign correctly, you will end up competing with yourself and increasing your advertising cost without even realizing it.

5. How to pay only $0.20 to get a visitor while your competitor pays $2 per visitor! (New)

Let’s do some math. You will like this type of math, I promise.

If you and your competitor spend $100 on ads

He will get only 50 visitors ( 100/2=50) Because the average cost per visitor is $1-$3 ( varies depending on the industry )

While you get 500 visitors! (100/0.2=500) using a new tactic only a few people are taking advantage of, so there isn’t a lot of competition…yet!

And there’s more… 

Live Campaign creation & pixel set up (value $500)

I’ll create the ad campaign inside your ads manager live and you can launch it whenever you are ready.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing everything is set up properly and you don’t have to worry about messing things up or feeling stuck and overwhelmed. (Takes less than 30 min)

Recording (value $97) 

After your first successful campaign, you may want to launch a second one or create a new campaign for a different business.

All you have to do is watch the reply and follow the framework step by step. You don’t have to worry about forgetting something.

Bonus: Free consultation (value $197)

You can ask me any questions you have during our call while I set up your ad campaign live and walk you through the process step by step.

This way, you can take a look under the hood and understand what goes on the back end because once your business starts taking off, you would want to delegate it to someone while you focus on growing your business.

This way, you won’t get burned or scammed because you will know what to look for when hiring someone and make the right decision.


You can see how the quick win framework can give you peace of mind knowing your campaign and pixel are set up properly for a small investment. And saves you weeks, if not months, and hundreds of dollars you would waste testing and figuring things out.

You will take the shortcut and avoid all the mistakes that stop entrepreneurs like you from achieving success.

The quick win framework (value $997)

Live Campaign creation & pixel set up (value $500)

Recording (value $97)

Bonus: Free consultation (value $195)

Total Value: $1791

You will get everything for $177

Special offer this week only

Save $100 and get everything for just $77

Why are you offering this for a very low price?

I know that I should be charging $300 or more - this is not just my opinion - a lot of people have also told me this.

1. But doing so would defeat the purpose of this service, which is to help entrepreneurs like you who have a limited budget and time but still want to succeed and achieve their goals.

2. Sending the elevator back down 

I am sure we can agree that success doesn’t come easy. 

And no one manages to make their dreams a reality without a combination…

Of hard work and others opening and holding the door for them from time to time.

This is my way of "sending the elevator back down".

As this framework is exactly what I wish I had when I was starting out

3. As a means of putting my best foot forward and demonstrating I can help you by actually helping you

Rather than trying to convince you that I’m an expert…

I rather just show you.

Because I know after your business takes off, you would want to scale it profitably, so you would hire an expert to help you scale it and take it to the next level. Hopefully, that person would be me. 

Sounds great, how do I get started? 

Step 1: Get the service

 Click the blue “Buy Now” button to get the service via funnel Rolodex and can save $100

Step 2: Answer questions

You will receive a message from me where I ask you a couple of quick questions.

Step 3: Book your call

You’ll receive a link to pick the best time that works for you and book your call.

PS: I can only take a few clients each week. If you are reading this, it means there are still 1 or 2 spots open.

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Default avatar
2 months ago
Aiman was so helpful. The session is worth so much more than he charges. He even offered to answer a few questions I had when i implemented his recommendations.
Default avatar
5 months ago
Aiman is so knowledgeable and patient! Great to work with :)
Default avatar
7 months ago
Very knowledgeable and patient. Grateful for Aiman's help!
Default avatar
9 months ago
Default avatar
10 months ago
Aiman is amazing! My business partner and I are very new to the world of Facebook ads. Aiman took the time to answer every question we had and then some. He went above and beyond to ensure we knew how to set up a FB add campaign from beginning to end. Very thorough and professional. Very impressive. Thanks Aiman! Mark
Thumb don
about 1 year ago
Aiman gave me confidence by showing me how my pixel was not properly created and installed and then assisted me in altering my ads for proper conversion events. No more wasted money going to Facebook, just clear reporting and accurate results now. Thanks, Aiman
Default avatar
about 1 year ago
Default avatar
about 1 year ago
I highly recommend Aiman, he was detailed, professional and courteous. On a scale of 1-10 I would definitely give him a 20, I learnt a lot about Facebook marketing and I am looking forward to implement his advise. You will not be disappointed.
Default avatar
about 1 year ago
I cant speak highly enough of Aiman and his expertise and knowledge. He goes way above and beyond anyone Ive worked with before. He has been there with me through the beginning and helped me get a 4:1 ROAS on my first ever fb ad campaign. He has answered my every question and been there at every stage to guide me and support me. I couldn't have done this without him If you are looking for someone to help you with fb advertising, Aiman is someone you Must speak to. He will help you get results! Thanks Aiman!!
Default avatar
about 1 year ago
enjoyed my call with Aiman
Default avatar
over 2 years ago
Aiman was great to work with. He held our hand and was very patient with us. His expert knowledge of Clickfunnels and Facebook was a blessing for out business. We started getting orders day 2 of the campaign. Thank You Aiman
Default avatar
almost 2 years ago
 Hello I am looking for a social media community manager We are starting a wine beverage company very similar to wine library. Com but in UK (spirits +wine + RTD). I discovered click funnels a few months ago, I would like to have a global price understanding + including the software + the community manager fees in total. please email me at [email protected] so we can talk further about our project. Thank you. Doriane
Default avatar
over 1 year ago
Before reaching out to Aiman, I scanned through the reviews and I was impressed with what everyone was saying. The reviews that you read are all true. He is patient, understanding, and goes above and beyond to answer all your questions. He is definitely knowledgeable & passionate about his work. I look forward to my next call, if ever need any help. Don’t hesitate, he’s your guy.
Default avatar
about 1 year ago
Aiman, Did not deliver the service as he has listed, it was a basic session where you can find in any youtube video.
Default avatar
about 1 year ago
I am very happy to work with Aiman. His patience and enthusiasm really helped me walk through the ad. For extra bonus, he gave me tips for my funnel :-) I am seeing people click into my page, can't wait to see what happen next. Highly recommended!
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