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Facebook ads / Instagram marketing

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The DIY I provide a coaching session via zoom where we can have a screen share while I walk you through the proven process to create a successful ad campaign from start to finish.

Here's what you will get:

  1. 3 easy ways to get the best target audience
  2. What is the main thing that can make or break your ad
  3.  How to install the Facebook pixel properly ( many people get this wrong )
  4. The optimal size for each type of ad creative
  5. How to set up a successful ad campaign from start to finish
  6. How to optimize the ad campaign
  7. How to scale it the right way so you don’t mess up your profit
  8.  How to NOT leave money on the table by creating retargeting ads
  9. Bonus 1: The recording so you can watch whenever you want in case you forgot something

 I recommend this offer for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and have a small ad budget. ( because I'd rather you spend that money on ads and get the ball rolling than to pay me or any other fb ad guy.

Then once you decide to invest back into their business to scale it I can then step in and help so you get the time to focus on your business.)

Considering the current situation the world is facing I'm offering a 50% off for this package - making it $77.

To get started simply send me a message.

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4 days ago
Amin was very patient and knowledgeable! Highly recommended.
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8 days ago
!WARNING! Aiman is a very patient dude! He walked me through the entire process of how to set up Facebook Ads, and how to drive traffic to my funnel. I've pounded him with a tone of questions, he answered all of them perfectly! I feel like he went above and beyond, and again, was very patient.
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25 days ago
What a great experience I had with Aiman the other day. I feel the the work he is doing for entrepreneurs like myself is so valuable and worthy of praise. His whole goal was to get me up and running so that I could launch my business using Facebook advertising. I have never seen anyone in the marketing business that was so dedicated to having me succeed in my business as Aiman was during our video session. What he had to offer was so valuable that I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again. As a matter of fact, I am going to have him work with my wife, who has been struggling to get her Virtual Art Classes up and running. I can't begin to explain the process that he took me through, but I can say that it was the best experience I have every had in learning something new. I saved myself hour upon hours of time trying to figure it out on my own and I highly recommend that you book some time with Aiman before he gets too busy. I know that his business is going to take off as a result of his dedication to others.
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about 1 month ago
We have only had one coaching session so far, and it was excellent. If we continue through as we have until the project is complete, I will be very happy.
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about 1 month ago
Aiman knows what he is doing. He is a good teacher. He is patient and will explain to you exactly what you need to know and need to do in order to create Facebook ads. And he will leave you with a recording of your call so you are able to do it on your own afterward. Great value!
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about 1 month ago
I learned a lot of key information in the hour we spoke. He saved me hours and hours of frustration trying to figure this out on my own. I would definitely recommend Aiman!
Default avatar
about 1 month ago
Really helped me to understand how to use FB Ads properly. Felt like I was in the dark and now I can see the light. Thanks so much Aiman, I'm sure I'll be in touch again.
Default avatar
about 1 month ago
there was only 5 stars available to describe the service, but I would say it's really a 6 star service! Aiman went beyond the scheduled service provision, and really made sure I had a grasp on how to implement his advice before closing the ticket. Excellent advice as well. Really appreciate the input and help he provided. Will definitely use his service as often as we need. Thank you!
Thumb clickfunnel
about 2 months ago
Awesome experience with Aiman as far as setting up the Facebook campaign. I hoping that this campaign works and that I start to see more of an ROI. He was great.
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3 months ago
Super value for money! Aiman went way beyond and spent 4 hours with me to guide me through the whole process of running facebook ads. He was extremely patient and answered all the questions that I had. You cannot get a better deal than this. Highly recommend him!
Default avatar
7 months ago
Aiman was great to work with. He held our hand and was very patient with us. His expert knowledge of Clickfunnels and Facebook was a blessing for out business. We started getting orders day 2 of the campaign. Thank You Aiman
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2 days ago
 Hello I am looking for a social media community manager We are starting a wine beverage company very similar to wine library. Com but in UK (spirits +wine + RTD). I discovered click funnels a few months ago, I would like to have a global price understanding + including the software + the community manager fees in total. please email me at [email protected] so we can talk further about our project. Thank you. Doriane
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