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Headlines are like dating.  You know a good one when you see it. 

I’ve been writing copy for years and brainstorming badass ideas even longer.  

I’m new to the OFA community and my way of saying hi and offering value is to offer the first 72 people a Headline Jam Pack for only $5. 

Yep.  For a whopping $5 I’ll send you 13 headlines.  

Some will suck.  Some you’ll stare at for a second. And if the stars align, at least one will make your heart race and your palms get a little sweaty.  

And thats when we’ll know we’re on to something.  

Why 13?  It’s my lucky number.  

Why $5?  Because I have a fountain pen fetish.  And I love stories.  And being able to tell the cool story of how I came to own the gorgeous fountain pen I use to write magical words whilst sipping some fair-trade something in a cool-ass cafe somewhere will entertain a random stranger who asks me about it.  😁  And now you can be a part of that story if you like.  #winning
Why 13? 

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