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I'll Copy Fluff Your Existing or Almost-Finished Ebook!

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Listen, I get it...not every ebook is a massive literary undertaking or a 50-100 page masterpiece of educational content.

Sometimes you just need a basic, but really well-written, short ebook that you can use as a lead magnet in a Facebook ad...or as the Offer on your Squeeze/Opt-in page.

And maybe it's already partially written, but you need someone's help to bring it over the finish line. So someone to help with the fleshing out...some reworking...some culling...basically, you need an eagle-sharp content editor/proofreader's eye to get it reading as perfectly as you want it to.

I'm your gal. In addition to being a 20+ year copywiter/web editor/community manager/social media strategist/content marketing manager/digital marketer (yeah, I've had a LOT of job titles)...

...I'm also pretty adept with a red pen. I'm an editor/proofreader who gets your copy audience-ready, makes sure every "t" is crossed and "i" is dotted, makes sure it sounds like YOU or your brand voice, and gets it launch-ready.

My price on here is a goal post (I also just raised it because I am finding that these take way longer than projected), but I get you may need a little extra TLC (some headline variations, perhaps), so I can always customize the offer for you. Let's talk!

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Digital marketing pro, copywriter, and Founder of digital marketing agency Cipher Collective. I'm passionate about helping Creative Entrepreneurs increase their influence so they can positively impact the world. My newest offering is to write email sequences and sales funnel copy for your offer.

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