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Find the perfect physical product(swag) for your success!

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Small funnel roledex swag consultation 3 9 19
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Hi Fellow Funnel Hacker! Glad to see you here. :)

I'm guessing you are here because you took Russell's advice and decided not to waste your time trying to figure out which physical product to use in your funnel offer, your order bump and upsell, with your Dream 100, contests, at your events or any other project you are working on.

I mean why would you....when you have the perfect "WHO" right here waiting for you! :)

My expertise in swag started in 2002 (before it was even called swag) when I was recruited to work at a promotional products company. I have to admit, I walked in the doors and feel in love with this industry and have never looked back.

In fact, in 2004 I started my own promotional products agency, Spitfire Advertising, Inc. because I thought bigger than the people in my office and I felt like I was stifled with my creativity, growth and vision of what we could do with swag marketing and building relationships with my client's target audience. 

Have you ever worked at a place where you felt stifled? I bet you have and totally get me!

I've spent the past almost 2 decades day in and day out helping clients pick out the right promo product for their business and project. Then figuring out the right imprint to put on it to make them memorable and get the results they are looking for.

The RIGHT product + the RIGHT message = SUCCESS

I'm offering you my expertise today at a HUGE DISCOUNT.

>>> $10 for an online strategy session through Funnel Rolodex messaging to give you ideas you can use for your physical product in your funnel. Using my 17 years of experience with swag marketing<<<

WHAT! Have I gone crazy? That's a STEAL!!!!!

Are you asking yourself why would I do this? I gotta admit...I did. LOL!

It's because I love our Funnel Hacker community and I really want to help you to be successful.

I know that your success is my success too. I'd love for you to become a client and help you with all of your future projects.

Becoming a Funnel Hacker is a game changer for you and your company. It takes a lot of time and effort. to learn. I want to reward you for taking action and not giving up when something got hard.

As Russell says...when you hit that part of your funnel path where you had to figure out what you were going to use for your physical product you could have done what most people do and spend countless hours trying to figure out your "HOW". Then lost in perfection and frustration that turns into procrastination and never finish your funnel.

Instead, you jumped into the Funnel Rolodex and found your "WHO"....your "WHO" named Shana Anderson-Nute who is the President of Spitfire Advertising. Who eats, thinks, sleeps SWAG marketing every single day and LOVES it!!!

Did you know that I PERSONALLY work with some of the largest companies on the Fortune 500 list? I'm not saying someone who works for me works with these companies and I just hear about it. I'm saying, I do! I work with companies like Intel, Adobe, Amazon, Cisco and more. I'm guessing you have heard of these companies? LOL!

Then you know that they expect a lot from their suppliers. If I didn't deliver they wouldn't use me. And they wouldn't refer me like they do.

If they trust me to help them with their marketing, their events, their gifts....then you can too.

Here's a review one of my Intel clients, Diane posted on my Google business page last month so you can see what it's like working with me and my team.


"I have been using Spitfire Advertising for ALL my business needs. They are SOOO, SOOOOO accommodating.

All of the products I have received have been 100%.

Even when I have a rush job Shana and her team will do all they can to make it happen. I have never been told NO and I been using Spitfire Advertising for over 3 years.

I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!!!

Try them, they are addicting and you will go back again and again and again.

I sometimes or well a lot of the time do not know what to order but have a small idea and BANG they have it all worked out for me!!!

I LOVE SPITFIRE ADVERTISING!! One stop shopping for me, if it’s Tshirts, awards or swag they have it.


Diane Delgado



After reading that, are you ready for me to help you uncover the perfect physical product and message for your project's success?

I know what's hot, what's not. What colors, styles, etc. are popular. What to stay away from.

I understand that there's not a one size fits all answer. A nice feeling T-shirt with a cool graphic may work for one person's project while a PopSocket will work better for another.

Or that pen that everyone is doing really isn't best for your project. And from my experience...probably isn't best for everyone else's either. It's just what someone saw somebody else do so they copy it. And the next person copies it and so on and so on. And it's not effective, memorable or makes anyone stand out.

As you can see...there's more to figure out what product to use than just picking something and hoping it works.

Are you ready to book your strategy session with me?

Then let's recap what you get for just >> $10 << :

  • An online strategy session through Funnel Rolodex messenger to figure out the perfect swag product for your project
  • If you need help with ideas on what to imprint on the product then I'll do that too and not charge you any extra. (I must be crazy...LOL)
  • A surprise bonus that you'll have to wait to see. :)

Wondering how it works after you buy this?

Step #1 - You'll receive some questions about your project so I can have a better understanding of what you're working on and your needs. Respond back with the answers.

Step #2 - I'll review your answers and then we'll start talking through Funnel Rolodex.

Step #3 - I'll recommend 1-3 physical products (swag) that will work with your project along with the idea for the imprint if you need help with that too.

3 steps and you will be unstuck and ready to roll!

I'm excited to help you so you can get back on the way to crushing your goals and getting into the 2CC. I'll be cheering you on the whole way.

It's time to take action. Click the buy button now and let's do this!

Virtual high five to you!

Shana Anderson-Nute

Spitfire Advertising, Inc.

P.S. Remember to smile...happy looks good on you!

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3 months ago
Shana has been a great help to me would definitely recommend
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5 months ago
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about 1 year ago
Shana is great. Really impressed and would definitely recommend. 5 Stars :-)
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over 1 year ago
Shana is great and can not wait to continue working with her and team. Very innovative and understood my business immediately.
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about 1 year ago
Shana Anderson-Nute provided valuable information from our first contact. Looking forward to working with her throughout this 30 day challenge and beyond!
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Shana Anderson-Nute
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I'm a Mom, girl boss, hiker, and love all swag marketing. Watching my clients light up when they see what I've created for them, makes my day! I'm excited to marry my 17+ years of experience with your funnels. Let's reach your goals together.

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