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Professional Explainer Video Creation

Video/Animation/Explainer Video
25 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >
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My agency, Cipher Collective, has created many professional quality Explainer Videos for clients for our digital marketing services.

Explainer Videos don't have to cost you $30K and take months to create...sure, you can go with studio-level production quality, hire actors, and shoot live action....but why would you?

A clear, concise video that explains your company or service simply and with a bit of charm is way better for connecting with your customers, and the best part is it can be turned around in just a few weeks.

How? A quality graphic designer/animator can create animation, use stock or found footage, or use your existing assets to edit together a great-looking video.

A quality copywriter (that's me) can write an engaging script that draws in your potential clients, addresses their deepest desires, pain points, and challenges that your business or product are going to solve for them.

A great account/project manager will work with you and our team to keep everything on track, manage deliverables, and keep deadlines top of mind.

Our crack team of 3 is lean, nimble and we produce great work.

Need some examples? Check out the accompanying YouTube playlist link for some of our client Explainer videos, or get the direct links here:
> Explainer video my agency created and wrote the script for. Client was a content delivery network startup which successfully sold their company after we helped them acquire way more customers through social media content, FB ads, and this video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n6muovo0tygm4kx/BelugaCDN_v9_youtube.mp4?dl=0
It can also be seen live on the site here: www.belugacdn.com

> My agency concepted, created, did the voiceover, and wrote the script for this Explainer Video for payment data aggregator company Control: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjplf1wdkue3luu/control_v15_wMusic.mov?dl=0

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Digital marketing pro, copywriter, and Founder of digital marketing agency Cipher Collective. I'm passionate about helping Creative Entrepreneurs increase their influence so they can positively impact the world. My newest offering is to write email sequences and sales funnel copy for your offer.

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