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Cool Custom eCovers

Graphic Design/Ecovers
1 day estimated (3 days guaranteed) >
Small 5 mistakes mag cds
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Small 5 mistakes collection
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Small 5 mistakes mag cds
Small 51j fkeg9pl
Small 5 mistakes collection
Small 51sblwzr3gl
I am the Photoshop Queen. I began learning Photoshop 16 years ago as an elective for my first business degree. I continued using it and finally got my 3rd degree is design, 5 years later. Shortly after that, I attended a Marketing seminar by Ryan Deiss (where I saw Russel Brunson for the 1st time) and I learned the skills of how to incorporate true marketing skills into my design work.

I ran a successful book publishing company for 10 years and helped over 600 people publish their books. You can put my name into Amazon to find many of them still today.

For just $37 you will get a MASTER COVER DESIGNER to design a simple eCover for your product and turn it into one of many types of 3D images. Then, if you put one of the extras on, I will create additional 3D types or  gather it in a collection.

The eCover is $37
Transferring to a media type is $5
Gathering them all in a collection is $10

So if you have the cover design and then transfer to 3 types of media and then a collection, one book, one monitor, & 3 CDs, the price will be $57 total

Typically takes me just one day to turn it all around, although I have a 3-day MAX Guarantee, as well as a 1-revision satisfaction Guarantee. It's a total win-win. 

Click the buy it button Now, then send me the information in the instructions. 

BONUS!!!  If you feel you need some coaching on your cover design prior to beginning, find me on the Facebook group and chat me up!
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Previously built, ran, and then sold a publishing company Author of "Book Designs, 7 Simple Steps..." full color book on how to design covers with marketing tactics. Search my name on Amazon to see over 600 books in print and digital. Now I own a consulting & marketing firm in the financial sector

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