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I Will Create And Transform Chatbots In An Engaging Machine

Advertising/Lead Generation Specialist
7 days estimated (10 days guaranteed) >
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  • Only 1 percent of businesses are able to engage with their customers automatically which means less costs, faster reactivity, happier customers. Today this result can be achieved using CHATBOTS.

  • Facebook Messenger is by far more popular and more used app than Facebook itself. There are 1.3 billion of monthly active users of Facebook Messenger worldwide and the number will increase.

  • Facebook Messenger bots engagement rates are 10 to 80 times better than email (typical email campaign will probably generate 5% to 25% open rates) or Facebook news feed (from 0% to 1% engagement rate on organic posts).

  • If the bot's copy is properly written, we can expect 70% to 80% open rates and 20% to 30% engagement rates. Chatbots convert better than websites, landing pages, email campaigns.

  • your potential leads often engage with FB chatbot, because it doesn't seem to be a funnel, because we can use more natural and conversational/funny language achieving an effective way to stay in touch with our customers

  • FB Messenger ads are cheaper than standard FB ads, because you're keeping all the experience within the Facebook ecosystem and you’re not sending leads outside the platform with external links

  • Single Chatbots or automatic campaigns can be used for several purposes:

offering deals and coupons, promoting limited time sales, running polls and surveys, asking for a review, asking for a referral, running a contest, promoting new content on your website/your blog, introducing a new product or promoting new services, showing testimonials quotes and case studies, showing successful numbers of your business


  • At the beginning I will need a short interview (via email, skype or whatsapp) to understand your business, your needs and goals, your audience.

  • Every customer will receive a customized chatbot with unique dialogue steps

  • I will consider psychological concepts of persuasion in the chatbot dialogues for a high conversion

  • I can include text (+ emojis), images, gifs, videos, button, attachments.

  • You can:

  • insert the chatbot on your Wordpress website,

  • use unique links to the chatbot (useful for email marketing and Messenger Ads),

  • use new comment feature (few marketeres are using it today): users who comment on your FB post will receive an automated follow-up message from your page in Messenger. If they respond to the message, they become a contact you can send follow-up messaging and future campaigns

  • create segmented audiences for the best user experience

  • Unlimited revisions (it means that I can review the job more times until the chatbot will be launched)

  • 10,20 or 30-day support after the launch - see the specific package

  • I will pay attention to be compliant with Facebook Messenger rules about using chatbots

  • Message me for customized options/more info

You can see a simple demo bot here! http://bit.ly/kliksun_chatbot

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