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Business Strategy and Strategic Marketing - review

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Are you struggling with your business strategy?

Focusing too much on tactics that are not getting you to your goals?

Do you have confused goals between your life and your business?

Is your business stuck in the RED SEA with all you other competitors, focusing on price rather than solutions?  Or in the BLUE SEA - with no one else and cannot gain resonance with your potential purchasers.

I can offer a free 15 min chat on the first step you should take on your business journey. 
  1. Where are you on your journey?
  2. Ask some questions on your life goals and how your business goals can help them
  3. Lets see if I can add value to that journey for you
  4. I am just developing a new Strategic Blueprint for your businesses success - free. 
I have developed or advised over $100 million of businesses, all over the planet and I can help you to get the starting point of your business journey much clearer. From that point we can chat on tactics that you may be wasting time, effort and cash on - so you can make your personal goals a success. Author, Entrepreneur and academic with 40 years experience. 

Businesses that I have developed or assisted.
Tourism ; Cosy Cabins around Tasmania (sold $30 mill) Port Arthur Villas $ 8 Mill, Kampgrounds of America, BIG4 Holiday Parks 
Construction ; Park Homes, Skyline Buildings
Agriculture ; Richmond Park Vineyard, Wine South
Aged Care : Gielston Bay Lifestyle Village
Retail : Coromal Caravans, Caravan City, Tony's Tent Centre
Franchising ; Big4 Holiday Parks, Wide Span Sheds
Community : Scouts Australia, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Property Council Australia, Junior Chamber International, Rural Youth and many others ...
Government : Tourism Accreditation, World Heritage Advisory Committee, Skills and Learning Board, Caravan Industry Australia and many others ...

Current academic at the University of Tasmania, MBA, 4 Grad Certificates and PHD Candidate. Written various papers on Business Tribes and Networking. 
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